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Music investment fund Hipgnosis snaps up the rights to Lady Gaga hits

"Derick Hovell" (2020-08-02)

A music investment fund has snapped up the rights to the Lady Gaga smash hits daftar poker online Face and Bad Romance as well as hundreds of other songs.

Hipgnosis has bought the back catalogue of the songwriter RedOne, which is the pen-name used by Swedish-Moroccan singer Nadir Khayat.

Under the deal, Hipgnosis purchased 100 per cent of the rights to his songs and copyright, writer royalties and producer royalties for the 337 songs he has worked on.

Music investment fund Hipgnosis has bought the back catalogue of the songwriter RedOne, which includes Lady Gaga's (pictured) smash hits Poker Face and Bad Romance

Lady Gaga's RedOne songs have been listened to more than 5bn times on music-streaming services. 

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Poker Face was the best-selling single worldwide in 2009, where it was No 1 in 20 countries, and sold 14m copies.

Bad Romance sold more than 12m.

RedOne also penned the platinum-selling Jennifer Lopez song On the Floor, Pitbull's I Like It and Alexandra Burke's UK No 1 tune Start Without You.

Merck Mercuriadis, the boss of Hipgnosis Songs Fund, said: 'Lady Gaga and RedOne represent one of the greatest producer/artist songwriting relationships of all time.'

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