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Australia and NZ among list of 10 worst rooms to rent in the world

"Aidan Burges" (2020-08-03)


Frustrated by the lack of space in your current home?
You might feel a lot happier with it after reading this list of the worst rooms to rent in the world. 

On the hit list is one in Sydney which boasts a toilet in the middle of the kitchen and doesn't even have a door for privacy.

But at least the Australian entry is spacious compared to some of the cramped apartments discovered.

In one room the plumbing is directly above a single bed while another features a mattress pushed up against a boiler with furnace in a basement.

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 SYDNEY, Australia (The room with a loo) AU$350 (£175, US$ 250) per week This small Sydney apartment would make for an interesting dinner party when the toilet is adjacent to the kitchenCOST OF SMALL ROOM VS AVERAGE WEEKLY RENT Sydney       AU$       £         US$Small          $350      £175    $250  Average      $467     £230    $336Auckland Small          $120     £60       $87Average      $397     £197     $287 Paris Small          $213     £106      $154Average      $426     £212      $308London Small          $78       £39         $56Average      $649     £322       $469Brooklyn Small           $223     £111       $161Average       $590     £293       $426Los Angeles Small            $171    £85        $123Average       $450    £223       $325*Based on average weekly rents in city by