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BMW M4 leaked photo shows off its big ol' grille - Roadshow

"Ulrich Thielen" (2020-08-04)

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If you haven't seen the (literally) big news, the 2021 BMW 4 Series made its debut this week with its mighty controversial grille treatment. The big kidneys extend downward, marking a major departure from other BMW models.

While the grille treatment won't extend across BMW's portfolio -- are those cheers I hear? -- the hottest of all 4 Series models will definitely wear the new look. That'd be the next BMW M4. How do we know? The internet, being the leaky faucet it is, got its hands on a leaked image of the new M4.

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A Bimmerpost Forum user published the photo on Thursday and it shows the sports coupe's front clip in all its glory. Compared to the regular 4 Series, the fascia looks more chiseled with various lines likely creased in a way to divert air to different parts of the car, or away from it. But man, the grille. It's certainly something on the M4.