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Erin and Sara Foster say they are not making fun of the Kardashians

"Kirby Corin" (2020-08-12)

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Erin and Sara Foster are taking aim at the reality television genre in their upcoming parody series.

The daughters of Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster discussed their fake reality show Barely Famous while attending the Television Critics Association press tour event on Saturday.

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Blonde beauties: Erin Foster (left) and her sister Sara attended a Television Critics Association press tour event on Saturday to discuss their upcoming reality show

Younger sister Erin, 32, spoke out about the VH1 programme at the affair held at The Langham Huntington Hotel And Spa in Pasadena saying: 'We're not making fun of the Kardashians.

'We're not making fun of Real Housewives. We're poking fun at a culture.'

The blonde beauty went on to explain that they actually are fans of genre according to The Hollywood Reporter as she continued: 'We love watching reality TV and we're huge supporters of it.'

Pucker up: The 32-year-old actress and her sister even posed for a snaps together during a photoshoot at the affair

Dynamic duo: Erin and her 33-year-old sister Sara are the daughters of Grammy Award-winning record producer David Foster

She along with her 33-year-old sister Sara will be starring on the show centered around the two striving for careers in LA.

It will also delve into what it means to be a 'D-list' celeb.

Erin said: 'Anyone who is on the verge of kind of famous but not really relevant is kind of fun to play with.'

Excited: The two siblings talked about their upcoming parody reality show Barely Famous

'We're poking fun at the culture': Erin and Sara maintain that they are not going after specific reality shows but are actually making fun of the culture around them

'We're not making fun of the Kardashians': Erin said that they are not hitting out at the famous reality family, as Kourtney, Khloe and Kourntey Kardashian were pictured at the DASH Miami Beach opening in March 2014

Sister Sara added: 'The desperation to be famous is fascinating.'

The two siblings will also have absurd interactions with celebrities, which the sisters say are not actually based on real-life encounters.

One actual encounter that fans could be interested in is Erin's relationship with 20-year-old One Direction member Harry Styles.

Upcoming: The programe will follow the two sisters who are striving for careers in LA

Premise: Older sister Sara said at the event: 'The desperation to be famous is fascinating'

The comedy writer and performer, who is 12 years older than the boybander, was romantically linked to him as they were spotted out together in October.

It was revealed at the time that the two were introduced by Harry's former fling Kimberly Stewart as the pair were seen on a romantic date at a pumpkin patch in LA before Halloween.

Erin has also been linked romantically to Ryan Gosling and Samantha Ronson.

Barely Famous premieres March 19 at 10:30pm on VH1. 

Coming soon: Barely Famous is set to premiere March 19 on VH1

Former flame: Erin sparked romance rumours with One Direction member Harry Styles as they were spotted on a romantic outing at a LA pumpkin patch back in October