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Test for Legionnaire’s Disease

"Sasha Beatham" (2018-10-09)

Before going to get test information we must know about what is legionnaire’s disease than we will be able to treat effectively. Legionnaire’s disease generated by legionella bacteria is a form of un-common pneumonia. It can spread from person to person contact. It has two kinds; outdoor legionella survives in soil and water but indoor legionella can multiply in all water system and cause more infection as compared to outdoor bacteria. Legionnaire’s disease develops in 2 to 10 days after exposure of legionella bacteria, initially, it has major signs and symptoms like, high fever, muscular pain, and headaches but after two or 3 days it can develop further sign and symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting. Legionnaire disease primarily effects on lungs and can cause severe pneumonia and a respiratory failure further it can cause infections in wounds and other parts of the body. Many people infected with Legionnaire's disease especially pneumonia when inhaling microscopic water droplets which are containing Legionella bacteria.
This kind of bacteria is available in contaminated water resources like a hot bathtub, showers, cooling towers, decorative fountains, swimming pools, physical therapy equipment’s, water systems in the hotel, hospitals, large AC units and water for drinking or bathing. When people cough during drinking, the water can get into the lung, if the water contains Legionella bacteria, it may develop pneumonia caused by legionnaire’s disease. Usually, older adults, smokers, and peoples having a weak immune system are suffering due to Legionnaire's disease.
These diseases can lead life-threatening complications including Septic shock, which cause a sudden drop of blood pressure, Acute kidney failure which causes to stop the kidney filtering function, a Respiratory failure which may cause stop the lung's ability to provide enough oxygen to the body. If legionnaire’s disease not treated effectively it may be fatal. People know very well that preventions are better than cure. So all Legionnaires’ disease can be prevented by meticulous cleaning and disinfection of all water systems. First of all, you must take the decision to check your water capability through our unique test system. We are providing a complete kit with usage instructions along with sample bottle. Simply you will fill the bottle from hot bathtub or tap water. Our representative will pick from your home and delivered in our accredited laboratory where samples are cultured for 10 days. After complete result analysis certification is issued. For further information please visit our website.

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