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[Miscellaneous] Department store maze store is a consumer holding strategy?

por Romelu Lukaku (2019-02-21)

[Miscellaneous] Department store maze store is a consumer holding strategy? Department store maze store is a 오바마카지노consumer holding strategy? I went to a department store and lost my sense of 모바일바카라direction and had a bad experience There are a few people. Here, the strategy of the department store trying to 바카라사이트keep customers as long as possible is hiding. For example, the upper line of the elevator is arranged 슬롯머신사이트close to the front door. Incoming customers You can easily go to another floor. But the downline is 바카라게임다운로드on the other side. Out It is also intended to stimulate the shopping impulse by카지노바카라게임 turning one more turn. The shops and facilities that attract the guests are placed 슬롯머신in the basement or on the top floor. It aims to distribute the customers evenly and to바카라이기는방법 achieve the sales effect. Underground At the supermarket, you will 맥스카지노find the customers Guides you to go upstairs. In addition, discount discounts and rollover products are usually held at the top. Cultural hall sports center where cultural lectures and events are held are the same. We have attracted high-profile customers at the top, To send down. If you're a careful인터넷바카라 consumer, You will notice that it is only instrumental music. Shoppers only 'tuck in'? I do not want you to make fun of it. The department store is so careful, I want to open it. As such, when consumers go to department stores, It is necessary to arrange.