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Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser will be a great solution for you!

"Cortney Mcelroy" (2019-04-20)

If the wind in the city is unlucky, your skin becomes black and gray, it becomes more and more serious - what will you do to make your skin whiter?

Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser will be a great solution for you!
Coming from a country with a tradition of "beauty and beauty" - Korea is the cradle of cosmetics. And Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser is one of them!

With a bright formula, Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser has a lightening effect. One day, two days ... three days, after using Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser, you will have the brightest and most radiant white skin!

Bright skin cleanser

Highlights of Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser cleanser
 Fermented soybean extract is combined with White Willow bark: enjoy the bright, smooth and smooth appearance.

 Cedar leaf extract: stimulates the recovery of sensitive and damaged skin, as well as giving the fragrance a relaxing, pleasant, like care at the spa.

 Combining high-quality herbal ingredients such as Cinnamon Peel, Hoang Cam, Sam vegetable, Dia Lich helps anti-inflammatory antibacterial, and promotes quick healing of skin lesions, prevention and improvement support Acne condition.

Using a bright cleanser Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser will help you:
  Naturally bright white skin.

  Fly dirt.

  Cleansing sebum, keratinocytes die after only one wash.

  Create a pore for pores, help skin easily receive essential nutrients in the process of using skin care cosmetics.

  Nutritional supplements make skin smoother.

Bright and cool facial cleanser - Kan Refreshing Foam Cleanser

User manual:

Wet the face, add an amount equal to a pearl bead to the palm, creating a foam. Then rub all over face for about 2 minutes. Wash your face with water. Done twice a day, morning and evening.

Tips for using cleanser:

If you want to make good use of the use of cleanser, create foam carefully before using. Note: Dirty hands make it difficult for you to foam and not even to foam.
Creating a lot of foam will help you deep clean your pores, avoid friction between your face and your skin to minimize the possibility of skin damage and dry skin.
It is advisable to wash your face 2 times / day in the morning and in the evening, so be sure to thoroughly clean the T-zone to limit the pores and blockages that lead to acne.

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