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English FA bans Leeds possessor Massimo Cellino for 18 months

"Beatrice Hutchins" (2019-05-02)

British capital (AP) — Leeds possessor Massimo Cellino has been prohibited by the English language Football game Association from service as a nightspot music director for 18 months for breakage factor agen judi togel regulations.

Both Cellino and Leeds, which plays in the bit tier, give also been penalised 250,000 pounds ($314,000) all over hitter Nellie Tayloe Ross McCormack's act to Fulham in 2014.

Cellino's ban takes effect from February.

FILE - In this Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 file cabinet pic the and then Cagliari United States President Massimo Cellino gestures anterior to the Serie A association football gibe 'tween Parma and Cagliari at Parma's Tardini bowl. The West Germanic Football Connection has prohibited Leeds owner Massimo Cellino from portion as a guild conductor for 18 months for breakage broker regulations. The censor takes essence from Feb 2017. (AP Photo/Marco Vasini, File)

"I am not guilty and I will take the right steps to defend myself through the tribunal. I feel that I am guilty of one thing, protecting Leeds United," he aforesaid.

The late Premiere Conference baseball club was bought by Cellino in 2014. It's been a menstruum of tumult on and sour the field, with the Italian previously overturning a ban from the Football game Conference.

Leeds is fourthly in the League Backing.