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How to Earn $50 a Day Like CLOCKWORK (100% Free and NO Gurus Required)

"Annie Saylor" (2019-05-13)

$50 a day is "technically" NOT going to make you rich.

I know that.

But it CAN change your life forever in one seemingly small... yet VERY significant way.


Earning money online is NOT really about marketing.

It's about MOMENTUM.

And setting up strategies of scale.

For example?

Once you have a mathematically viable model for obsługa making $50 a day on a consistent basis, you simply need to plug in a way to scale up your system to achieve great goals and a bigger bank account to boot.

An easy illustration is this:

I can write 4 articles in an hour.

In some niches, each article I write sends an average of 25 people to my landing page (be it an opt in form, a root level re-direct, or wherever it is that I want to test my traffic).

That means that for every hour I work in that specific niche, mas o menos, I can expect to drive 100 people to my landing page.

If I'm using a root level re-direction, and choose an affiliate program with an EPC of $50 (average earnings for every 100 visitors sent), I should expect to earn $50 for every hour I work (100 visitors, going to an affiliate offer with an EPC of $50, SHOULD yield about $50 an hour in earnings if my traffic is of equal quality as that of other average affiliates).

It's more about math than marketing.

And once you get momentum... and you do that every day for a few weeks, you realize that the ONLY thing that's holding you back from DOUBLING your income is scaling UP your effort.

If you work a second hour, and even do half as well, you'll be adding 50% to your daily income ($50 the first hour, and now $25 the second).

The best part about this approach is that it's really 100% free (all you need to do it is a 99 cent .info domain name... an affiliate account, and free article submissions, and you are in business).

There is no one reading this right now that can't earn from $50 a day to 10 times that amount, starting TODAY... using this very simple sequence of 2 steps:

- Articles
- Offers

I call it the "Big Bully" technique, because it favors those who are willing to create copious amounts of content... and allows the most aggressive affiliates to DOMINATE just about any niche you choose (and has been around for years, making many smart marketers very happy).

Is it always fun? Absolutely not. Occasionally, creating content all day gets boring, stale and results in content cramp (where your brain literally shuts down... and your fingers boycott your keyboard and simply refuse to write another word).

But if you are sick and tired of silly strategies that DON'T work, and goofy "gurus" who have their hands in your back pocket before you even open your inbox, I CHALLENGE you to apply this system in YOUR marketing machine this year, and make this the year you have REAL results to show for it.