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Benefits of Becoming a Police Officer

"Danilo Beazley" (2019-05-14)

A police officer is a warranted employee of a police force. The basic responsibility of a police officer is prevention and detection of crime, maintenance of order in the public, apprehension of criminals and the like. However, some police officers are specifically trained in various areas such as surveillance, child protection, counter-terrorism and specific investigation techniques such as murder, drug trafficking, fraud, rape etc.

uniden police scannersBeing in the police force is a highly rewarding profession. Firstly, because police officers have a very high respect in the society and secondly, the career itself has many professional and financial benefits associated with it.

The primary benefit of becoming a police officer is the financial aspect of this job. A typical police officer in the United States earns over $50,000 per annum or more depending on the state and location of employment. Even during the course of training in the police academy, a decent salary is paid to the trainees. This allowance is quiet substantial if compared to the market.

Apart from the salary, every police officer is provided extensive medical and handheld radio box dental coverage which is extremely essential in the times of inflation. This is combined with around 96 hours of sick leave on annual basis which is paid in nature.

Usually a police officer has to work on the basis of a 4 day work every week. He also gets around up to 180 hours of annual paid vacation. Every police officer also gets a pension after completion of 30 years of service.  The pay and pension is usually revised on annual basis depending on the rate of inflation and increase in cost of living. There are also various bonuses involved during the course of a police officers tenure that includes bonus for being bilingual, holiday bonus pay, performance bonus etc.

Another key benefit of working as a police officer comes later where experienced police officers are hired by FBI or other private security agencies for lucrative pays and perks. During the course of your employment with the police force, you will get numerous opportunities for promotion and development. Some police departments also encourage police officers to complete their education or do further specialized training with the police force.

Job satisfaction is another key benefit of becoming a police officer. A police officer is always content because he is helping people around him to live in a safe and secure department. He is always on his toes to eradicate crime and criminals from the society. This satisfaction along with financial rewards is no less than a blessing particularly in these hard times.