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My Work On Jarvis Aka The Start

"Jeffery Fifer" (2019-05-15)

To me Jarvis is cool, but there’s one problem. Movies take it too far with cgi and voice acting to make something ahead of our time. Some people say that Jarvis is too complex to make but it is thought to be artificial intelligent (ai) system which is basically an intelligent computer. Now when you think of Jarvis you think of him from the movie iron man as tony’s butler who helped him build the hi-tech red and gold armor. Or at least I hope. Now we know Jarvis is not human it says it in his name JUST.A.RATHER.VERY.INTELEGENT.SYSTEM. A system which in our terms have to be electronic. This is true upon further research. Jarvis is a computer. It’s plain and simple. One could argue the fact that Jarvis is basically all electronics in a way but in simplest form the most logical way to recreate Jarvis you would most likely be on a computer.



Now that we know that Jarvis needs to be made on a computer why don’t we look into some of the history of him so we could get a better idea of what exactly to build? Now reading comic books and watching movies I find that Jarvis is based off of a butler named Hardi, Edwin Jarvis, and H.O.M.E.R. based on what I found homer came before Jarvis based on Hardi’s personality and Jarvis was named after Tony’s fathers butler Edwin Jarvis The only thing we know about all four of these characters is he acts like Tony’s best friend when it comes to his personal life and other secret matters that are enclosed." Such as Virginia (Pepper) Potts or James Rhodes from the first iron man movie, now if we dig a little deeper we find that Jarvis has a few different prototypes such as this archived version which is reviled saying that Jarvis has achieved something called dataspine from the 2008 video game iron man In the age of ultron Jarvis was supposedly killed by ultron but quickly escaped into the internet. Good thing tony found him because he was then uploaded onto vision which is now where Jarvis currently resides. Now Tony has a different AI called f.r.i.d.a.y.

Now I need to clear up confusion I had with my last thought with all the people/aiI was talking about. Even thought I explained them clearly I’m wondering who are those people such as hardi and Edwin and homer. And I’m wondering where Friday came from and who is he/she. Now no one knows much about hardi and if you try to Google him you get some Heating, Air conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International nonprofit organization. Not much help there and if you go to marvel wiki there’s they change the name to hardy so I’m lost here if someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Now to Edwin Jarvis well the only thing I could find is that he was the loyal butler to Howard stark and Martha stark until their death then served Tony. And then on to H.O.M.E.R 20 years ago from 2013 Tony Stark and Abe Zimmer developed powerful software that was designed to design and program the computers. This software designed a small factory and all of its contents. The factory system in turn made a computer and software that designed five generations of ever-better and more powerful computer platforms. That fifth generation computer achieved an information capacity double that of the human brain, And it could think. The computer system could do self-directed projects where it can even write programming while also collecting and combining any type of data. Tony made it the size of a standard PC. Now finally Who is F.R.I.D.A.Y.? She is able to maintain Tony’s suit functionalities and is depicted to be a teenage girl in other marvel universes.


Now we got some research done about Jarvis history its time to work on the stuff that matters and now to my process of working on Jarvis now researching about artificial intelligence I found that most sources are wrong and Jarvis in fact artificial General intelligence(AGI). Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the intelligence of a (hypothetical) machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can. It is a primary goal of artificial intelligence research and an important topic for science fiction writers and futurists. States Wikipedia, but that’s not all Jarvis uses deep learning too. is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers, with complex structures or otherwise, composed of multiple non-linear transformations. He uses Heuristic which is learning on your own time. And he can also write his own code. But this is only just a few thing that Jarvis can do.

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