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London Olympic 2012 Venues

"Lionel Flinders" (2019-05-16)

London being part of the island country has a limitation to expand; though it can grow vertically but not horizontally. Thus many of the space consuming sporting events will be conducted outside the city. The four major categories according to which the venues are divided are Olympic Park, London venues, venues out of London and Non-sporting venues. Olympic Park is located on the eastern side of London.

The area within which it is located is called Stratford. Olympic Park will act as a central place for the Games. It will play a major role in the Paralympics. The Olympic Park comprises of the Olympic Village where the athletes and the staff shall reside and other nine venues where the sporting events will be held. You can buy images of the Olympic Park to know more about the facilities available in it for Situs Poker the athletes, spectators and the tourists.

Aquatics Centre is amongst the venue of Olympic Park which is located in the south-east corner. The construction for the Aquatic Centre began in the year 2008. The sporting events which it will host during the London Olympics 2012 are Diving, Swimming, Pentathlon, Synchronised Swimming and Paralympics Swimming. The seating capacity for Water Polo event is 5,000 people and that for the Swimming and Diving Is 17,500.

The length for the swimming pool is 50-metres and that of the diving pool is 25-metres. After the Olympic Games the facilities will be used by the citizens. Basketball Arena is located in the north of Olympic Park. The construction for Buka Lapak the Basketball Arena began in the year 2009. The sporting events which it will host are Basketball, Handball and Wheelchair Basketball for the Paralympics; also Wheelchair Rugby during the Paralympics will be held in the same Arena.

The capacity for the spectators is 12,000. Once the Olympic and Paralympics Games are over the Arena will be dismantled and its parts will be used for other purposes. BMX Circuit is located in the north of Olympic Park. The construction for the BMX circuit began in the year 2011, a year before the Games. It will host a 400-metre circuit with the capacity to accommodate 6,000 spectators. After the Olympic Games the BMX Circuit will be modified and reconfigured for a Velopark.

You can buy online content to know about the events that will be hosted in the BMX Circuit. Eton Manor is also located in the north of the Olympic Park. The sporting events it will cater to is Wheelchair Tennis. It construction replaced the earlier Eton Manor Sports Club made in the year 2001. After the Games it will continue to be used as a sports complex by the citizens. The capacity for the spectators is 10,500. Handball Arena is located in the west of Olympic Park.

The arena will host the sporting events such as Handball, Modern Pentathlon and Goal Ball.