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Is Your Church Social - Part 14 - Twitter – What’s a Twitter?

"Mohamed Hudgens" (2019-05-17)

Social media, or Web 2.0, is all the rage. Since millions of people are flocking to the various social media, its a great opportunity for churches. Weve been looking at the various forms of social media and how Churchs can use social media as part of their church marketing strategy and more importantly, use social media to share the message of Jesus Christ. My previous set of articles focused on the social networking site, SMM Wholesale Prices Facebook. Today, I want to turn our focus to another social networking site, Twitter.

follower check twitterIts a Blog. Its a Facebook. No, Its Twitter:
Twitter is currently the third most popular social networking site in the world. Its kind of like a cross between Facebook and a blog. Instead of posting entire articles as you would in a blog, you post short messages, called tweets, that are 140 characters or less. Like Facebook, your messages get shared with all the people who are following you. Unlike Facebook, there are no ways to share pictures and videos, setup events, or personalize your Twitter homepage, like you can a Facebook Page. Its all about the tweets.

Anytime Anywhere:
One of the best aspects of Twitter is that its easy to use (not technical at all) and its able to be connected to your mobile phone. If you can text, you can twitter (though you can also tweet from your computer). So, unlike your blog, website, or even Facebook, you can tweet from anywhere. If youre standing in line for a movie, you can tweet from there. If youre in Paraguay on a mission trip, as long as you have cell service, you can tweet from there. If youre in church listening to the sermonwell, maybe you should wait until after the sermon.

Whats The Point?
So, what can you do with a 140 character message? You wont be writing an exposition on predestination or posting a sermon transcript. Twitter is self described as being about the everyday, the little things that you wouldnt normally email someone about or blog about.

Real life happens between blog posts and emails.

On a personal level, Twitter helps you connect with people and get to know them better, by giving you a look into the everyday lives of the people you follow. Its like adding details to a drawing. Even people that you see regularly have aspects of their lives that you probably are unaware of, whether its books they are reading, shows they watch, or concerns they have. Twitter helps people share those parts of their lives. That in and of itself could be beneficial for churches as it can help your congregation connect on a more personal level and help members of the congregation connect with non-members.

But there are more uses of Twitter for churches. From announcing upcoming events, to involving people in devotions, Twitter can be a useful tool for churches both in church marketing and in achieving the mission of your church. In the next few articles Ill be talking a little more about Twitter and why your church should be Twittering.