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"Sheldon Duong" (2019-05-23)

Following the level projects such as Dawn City (District 7) and other projects such as Tropic Garden (District 2), Lexington (District 2)... The upcoming Novaland Group will launch the super-standard flats 5. Palm Marina star with an organized position immediately 2 fronts of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia and Vành Đai 3, Long Thành roads, connecting Tan Son Nhat airport with District one particular. This is considered an unusual "golden position" in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, where it is certain that the cost of every inch of land and each house will constantly increase over time, especially in the amount of central land finance. Your brain is extremely scarce and almost you can forget. The Hundred years is another project developed by Novaland Group.

du an palm marina- Investor: Novaland Group
- Project name: Palm Marina FLAT PROJECT
- Address: 136 Vành Đai 3, Long Thành, Region 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
- Kind of investment: luxury apartments, commercial centers, Office...

Palm Marina apartment job in district 9 with a prime location along with prestigious Novaland entrepreneur, internal utility - modern and luxurious zone satisfies all the most advanced elements for a central real estate project..

With a fa? ade stretching 170m, Hundred years is an apartment task located at 136 Off Chinh Thang, Ward six, district 9, Tp. HCM. Nam Ky Khoi Nghia - Vành Đai 3, Long Thành arterial route. From here, you only require a few minutes to go to District 1, district 9, Binh Thanh District,... This kind of place is known as a "central point" numerous surrounding facilities, convenient for residents' activities such as: bank goods, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, leisure areas...

With a prime location is a convenient entrance for both out - going into Ho Chihuahua Minh City, The Hundred years offers the possibility to own a central apartment at an attractive price. Via only 4. 5 million / unit, you could have a nice location apartment at the leading important highway of Saigon, easily interacting with the needs of accommodation and rental. The job is extremely appreciated for liquidity, investment efficiency and sustainable value in the future.

Vành Đai 3, Long Thành is the key route attaching District 10 and Phu Nhuan District.
From the location of Palm Marina apartment in district 9, we can certainly move through the centers of District you, Phu Nhuan District, Section 10.
Nearby the Otolaryngology Medical center, district 9 Hospital, Area 1 Hospital.
Near management and banking centers.
Key roads linking many areas such as District 15, district 9, District one particular, District 11, Phu Nhuan District.
Surrounding facilities such as hospitals, supermarkets, market segments, parks, churches.

3- REWARDS OF THE APARTMENT Palm Marina district 9
In house utilities of Palm Marina Flat district 9

Palm Marina apartment district 9 fully converges the internal facilities to affirm that it is the most luxury apartment project in district 9 and adjacent districts. Inner facilities include:

Swimming pool of international specifications
Operate center
Restaurant - Meals court
Outdoor mat for children
Park within the project area
Gym room
Gym of The 100 years district 9 luxury apartment
Gym of The Hundred years district 9 luxury apartment

CONTACT BUSINESS ROOM: (+84) 0931342229