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Christmas Movies to put you in the Christmas Mood

"Anh Ricardo" (2019-06-10)


For 토토사이트검증 laughs and stupidity and a festive feeling to boot, Elf secures itself on our list. The Will Ferrell persona of Buddy the Elf is one of his most memorable and may be remembered more than anchorman in years to come. Ferrell is brilliant in this film as a clueless elf in Manhattan and really makes one of the best movies we've seen of this kind ever. Elf is often available on a special deal on the high street or over the web this time of year.

Home Alone 1 & 2

Though both films have suspiciously the same plot line they are both brilliant. Boy gets lost in big city and ends up getting embroiled in trouble with two burglars. Joe Pesci is brilliant and Culkin excellent as 8 year old Kevin. The film really is a funny and touching Christmas hit and one all the family will enjoy, while having a giggle at the 90s hairstyles and clothing.


Bill Murray fans will love this Christmas hit. Bill Murray's amazing acting ability and the way he can walk the line between pathos and sheer outright hilarity is brilliant. Murray ends up receiving the Christmas Carol treatment in this Dicken's romp, which takes a modern twist. The mixture of a great story, brilliant acting and Murray's comedic genius makes this a excellent one for Christmas.

It's a Wonderful Life

One of the Christmas classics and for many a must see every Christmas. This tale of depression is a Christmas classic that embodies all the values of Christmas, from family, to friends to the joy of life and is worth it with or without a special deal.

Miracle on 34th Street

This classic has been remade a number of times, yet it is the original that endures. Made in 1947, it is about Kris Kringle who is termed insane for thinking he is Santa Claus, when he actually is. However, after some brilliant acting and a great story all is restored and Christmas can continue.

White Christmas

Bin Cosby stars in this Christmas flick, that is more famous for the song from it than it even the film. The movie is a charming one where two GI's home from WW2 fall in love with a pair of sisters and help them with their failing Inn in Vermont.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation

For sheer silliness this film is a laugh a minute comedic riot. The amount of one liners this film offers is huge and it really goes for the love/hate Christmas relationship some people have. It is a very funny movie that really has a large number of small laughs making it ideal for that Christmas bit of cheer. It is also often available with special deals.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's film is ultimately a creative dream and one of our favourites, even on this list. The amazing creativity and the awesomely ghoulish film with a meaning is a brilliant movie and one that shows Burton's creative genius and how Christmas films aren't all the same.

A Christmas Carol

Whether it is in the original form, or even the Muppets version, A Christmas Carol is a must see at Christmas time. This Dickens's classic is possibly best reproduced in the 1951 version where Scrooge is acted brilliantly. It is a black and white version usually, though a coloured one exists. However, it is a brilliant version of the film and worthy of purchasing with special deals.

The Kermit the Frog version also is quite an exciting one and really offers a great take on the carol. The Muppets are there usually hilarious selves and it is also a great one for kids and adults alike.