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Uncommon Pink Penis Bring about: Semen Allergy

"Lettie Guinn" (2019-06-22)

Sporting a red penis can be a induce of satisfaction or issue. When a man's penis wellbeing is great, his erect penis typically has a purple hue thanks to the blood that rushes in and fills the organ. But occasionally a pink penis is thanks to a rash, an allergy, or any variety of other brings about. Just one of the far more mysterious and unusual (and luckily scarce) will cause? An allergy to his own semen. And what's even worse, that allergy could create far more than just a pink penis.

poi-kalyan-mosque.jpgSemen allergy

It has been acknowledged for some time that some girls may perhaps be allergic to a man's semen (or, more correctly, to the semen of a specific man or guys). For these women, when a person ejaculates into their vagina or onto or into other elements of the overall body, they can create a rash or itchiness. Burning and swelling is not unusual in some conditions, a lady may possibly crack out in hives or even create troubles with respiration. It can become very severe.


However, details on semen allergy in men is more limited. For more information regarding ポイ活 初心者 おすすめ check out the web-page. It was to start with explained in 2002 and offered the name write-up-orgasmic ailment syndrome (POIS). As with women of all ages, the expulsion of semen from the penis in adult men with POIS may well result in an irritated, purple penis or in a penis rash. Itching is not unusual, and swelling is also a aspect for some males.

Even so, males with POIS are also probable to develop symptoms and concerns that go outside of the penile spot. A flu-like condition is routinely uncovered post-ejaculation in gentlemen with POIS. Their eyes might get crimson and itchy, their nose is very likely to run, and sneezing could ensue. In addition, they are likely to get feverish and experience a significant amount of tiredness - bed relaxation is usually identified as for.

For most adult males with POIS, the reactions can arise whether ejaculation is obtained by way of masturbation or through associate sex.


In most circumstances, it appears the allergic reaction is thanks to a protein observed in semen to which the system develops an autoimmune reaction. But it's appealing to note that males with this reaction do not always have it their complete life.

For example, a guy might masturbate quite happily as a teenager and enjoy a lot of forms of companion sexual intercourse before creating POIS. It can take place early on in the teenager years or not exhibit up right until a lot later in lifestyle.

What is possibly even much more attention-grabbing is that the allergic response only takes place just after semen has been ejaculated. Whilst the semen is saved in the entire body, or if a guy activities intercourse without the need of ejaculating, there is no response to the presence of the semen.


Given that the actual bring about of the response is unfamiliar, treating a semen allergy can be difficult. A person system of treatment method that has verified productive for numerous adult men is developing immunity to it. This usually occurs by acquiring a medical doctor inject a diluted variety of semen into the body more than a prolonged time period of time. As the approach goes together, the semen gets to be much less diluted.

Other doctors advise employing anti-inflammatories (as recommended by an allergy expert) in advance of and/or after sexual intercourse to possibly minimize the development of submit-ejaculatory signs.