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Are Dyson Vacuums Really Worth the Money

"Brenna Toliver" (2018-09-21)

Vacuum cleaners much like most small home appliances are considered consumable in today's society, we use them until they break and buy a new one. We don't often spend time having them tinkered with at the corner repair shop, we don't generally send them in to the company to have them re-manufactured, and we definitely don't try to fix them ourselves like once was done in households across America.

For the consumer this means getting the most bang for your buck. You are going to considering price, life, and obviously performance when you are buying a new vacuum cleaner, so I ask the question is buying a Dyson vacuum really worth the money?

Over the last 3 years in my household I have had 3 vacuums, a fact that I wish wasn't quite so true. My first was an old hand me down from my family that had been with us for some time and I wasn't upset to see it go. It lasted a long time and worked very well until the final few months.

The second vacuum was a Bissell bag less upright that wasn't worth the plastic it was made from. I made the #1 consumer mistake, I purchased without doing any research. I went to the store bought the cheapest vacuum I could that looked good, and much to my dismay after 11 short months the vacuum was no longer working. I effectively washed $100.00 down the drain and I started to believe that old adage that you get what you pay for.

So my answer is yes a Dyson vacuum cleaner is worth the money, but why?

Today I own a Dyson DC24 and have so far been completely satisfied with my decision. Although the vacuum cleaner cost me more that 3 times the amount of either of my previous two vacuum cleaners I have reason to believe that it will outlast and outperform both of them combined.

The major selling point for me on the Dyson was its full parts and maintenance 5 year warranty. With my new vacuum purchase I wanted a sense of security and with the DC24's warranty I felt like I got it. No more wondering if it was going to work for 11 months or less because if it didn't this vacuum wasn't going to be a consumable, I was going to ship it back to the company and have it fixed for free. The second reason why a Dyson is worth the money is because of its performance and technology. My vacuum has 2 of the most innovative and performance driven technologies on the market, the Dyson Cyclone and the Dyson Ball. A benefit you won't find with any other vacuum manufacturer. Dyson is consistently doing research and development and is always leading the industry in creating new highly functional designs to make sure their vacuums are the best.

Finally I love my Dyson out of vanity. It is a beautiful piece of machinery. It looks high tech and whenever someone sees it they are immediately interested in it, how it works, and I think a little jealous of it. I have no doubt that buying a Dyson vacuum was the best purchase for me and that it is and will be worth every penny that I paid for it.