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Clearview AI developing security cams with facial recognition

"Carey Rackley" (2020-06-30)

Controversial facial recognition company, Clearview AI, is reportedly developing surveillance cameras and augmented reality glasses despite mounting public scrutiny over the company's ethics.

According to documents obtained by , Clearview AI is exploring the possibility of making surveillance cameras that use computer vision software to identify subjects by cross-referencing a database. 

Its database of photos has been the subject of controversy after it was found to be scraping pictures from Facebook and Instagram without people's consent.

Those pictures were used to train its facial recognition algorithm. The company has also partnered with at least 600 law enforcement agencies across the US. Those companies use its database to scan for suspect matches.   Facial recognition software company Clearview AI is working on hardware that utilizes its facial recognition software to help support surveillance cameras according to a new report (Stock)Clearview's cameras are reportedly being tested by two companies and are being developed under a division of Clearview called Insight Camera. The company has yet to publicly link itself to Insight, but a Buzzfeed investigation was able to connect the two by assessing code on both companies' websites.

In each, similar code contained references to Clearview's servers.  Buzzfeed reports that the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), a labor union representing teachers in New York City, and the real estate firm Rudin Management, which is also based in New York, are the two companies who tested Cleaview's hardware.A representative for the UFT told Buzzfeed that it was using the cameras to prevent individuals who had made threats against the union from entering its offices. RELATED ARTICLES

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UFT says that it didn't use Clearview's entire 3 billion-photo database but instead operated on a 'close system' of faces.  Rudin Management confirmed that it was testing Clearview's product but did not elaborate on why.

When you adored this post and also you desire to receive more information regarding i implore you to go to our own web site. A spokesperson said the company decided not proceed further with deploying the technology.'We beta test many products to see if they would be additive to our portfolio and tenants,' a spokesperson told Buzzfeed. 'In this case we decided it was not and we do not currently use the software.' Clearview AI has come under scrutiny for its practices of scraping pictures from social media as well as its partnerships with law enforcementIn addition to a new crop of AI-equipped security cameras, Clearview is also reportedly interested in augmented reality glasses.Buzzfeed reports that it is using hardware made by Rochester, New York-based company, Vuzix, though its not immediately clear what the glasses would be used for.Couple with Clearview's AI, it's possible they could be worn by police to identify criminals or other persons-of-interest. News of Clearviews plans on hardware come just a week after the company reported that a hacker had gained access to its systems.The didn't specify how the security breach had occurred nor who might have been responsible, and it claimed its servers and internal network hadn't been compromised.‘Unfortunately, data breaches are part of life in the 21st century,' Clearview attorney Tor Ekeland