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Oovvuu in partnership with WordPress VIP

"Alva Loewenthal" (2020-08-03)


Sydney scaleup Oovvuu says it has been selected as a partner of WordPress VIP, a web platform used by 37 per cent of world's websites.

The four-year-old, 14-person company uses machine learning to match news articles with videos to generate more advertising dollars.

The partnership means its technology could be integrated into some of the largest news websites, Oovvuu said.

WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert said key criteria for technology partners included clear product expertise and innovative go-to-market strategies.

WordPress VIP served more than 36 billion page views for its customers in 2019, with a client list including Airbnb, Facebook, Microsoft and News Corp, among others.

Oovvuu itself already counts the BBC, Reuters, The Associated Press and the Guardian, as well as Australia's Seven West Media, among existing clients.

Founder Ricky Sutton says that just seven per cent of news articles feature video, and the company is trying to get that figure to 100 per cent.


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