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Sydney tradie plumbing boss accused of ripping off customers

"Antony Murillo" (2020-08-22) -

A young high-flying tradie boss who hoons around in flashy cars and shows off a lavish lifestyle on social media has been accused of ripping off customers and sabotaging plumbing work.

Former employees have made extraordinary claims about the alleged profit-boosting tactics of Sydney-based FastWay Plumbing owner Jason Aboukalam, 26.

Disgruntled customers have also come forward, alleging they were overcharged hundreds of dollars for jobs ranging from fixing a leaking toilet and shower to unblocking toilet sewers. 

Mr Aboukalam has denied the allegations publicly aired about him in recent days, telling Daily Mail Australia the claims were 'false and definitely not true.' 

FastWay Plumbing owner Jason Aboukalam has expensive tastes when it comes to fashion.  He's pictured wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt

One plumber who briefly worked for Mr Aboukalam alleged his boss told him to sabotage a pipe with a hammer so the customer could be billed.

'When I found the pipe I noticed there was nothing wrong with it. I took photos of it and I rang Jason and goes, 'oh well the lady's agreed to a $15,000 quote so just smash it with your hammer and fix it,' Dylan Cook told last week.

'He charged her $15,000 dollars for something that wasn't even broken, like I even had to break it with a hammer.'Another ex-employee George alleged: 'He would make it seem like he's charging an appropriate price, in reality it was about triple the normal price of the actual job.' RELATED ARTICLES

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Customer Joy claims she was billed more than $1800 for 45 minutes of work to fix a leaking toilet cistern and dripping shower.'I only have a little bit of savings put aside for these sort of things happening and yeah it does take me a while to save, 12 months it would take me to save up…It hurts badly, very badly,' Joy said.She had this warning for potential customers.'Send them away. Do not deal with them,' Joy said. Mr Aboukalam claims Joy would have been billed half the amount had she contacted him  during the week instead of a Saturday.Mr Aboukalam lives in a $2 million mansion overlooking stunning Botany Bay views in Sydney's south and bills up to a $200,000 per week for his services, according to his program. He lives in this $2 million mansion overlooking stunning Botany Bay views in Sydney's south Joy (pictured) is one of many disgruntled customers who claimed they've been ripped off Jason Aboukalam shows off his flashy cars on Facebook, including this Subaru Impreza WRXHis Facebook page shows off a lavish lifestyle wearing Ralph Lauren shirts, flashy cars, a motorbike and even a boat and jet ski.   Photos posted of his beloved cars include a Nissan Skyline GTR and a Subaru Impreza WRX he's filmed hooning around in.He also boasted to the program about having a Ferrari.A follow up segment was aired on