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Celebrity Death Worship?

"Tessa Jansen" (2020-08-26)


Since the age of Facebook and Twitter and blogs, everyone has a platform to shout their opinions. We are also able to hear about breaking news in an instant and immediately share our thoughts. Twitter has gotten a little crazy when it comes to celebrity deaths. If enough people start tweeting about a death, soon people wonder if that person is really dead or not. It's actually become quite annoying. But when a celebrity really is dead, suddenly everyone is talking about it and everyone cares.

The death of a celebrity, unless it's Joe Paterno, is always sad. I believe that most people feel genuinely sad about these people's deaths, especially when it's from a tragic accident or the person died far too young. But some people tend to get a little crazy about it. Suddenly everyone cares and feels deeply affected. The problem occurs when the celebrity has been out of the spotlight for years and then dies. People claim to be heartbroken over the death. But just months before, you never claimed to have any interest in said person. Never claimed the person to be a big influence in your life or anything. It's one thing to post "RIP Celebrity X," but it's quite another to blabber on how how the world is a sadder place.

A recent example of such a case is Whitney Houston. She had a major influence on the music world in the 90s, but she became involved with Bobby Brown, started doing drugs, and fell off the face of the earth. When she tried to have some sort of a comeback, she was still drugged out of her mind and gave a terrible performance. It was both sad and pathetic. Part of me has great sympathy because drug addiction is not something easily overcome. But, then again, she did it to herself. Her failed comeback was years ago and literally the news of her death was the first time people hear her name in years. So if you didn't care about her in all those years, why now? It probably has something to do with having a heart or a soul. We feel bad that we stopped caring and now it's too late.

And right after the death of a celebrity, unless it was death by natural causes, the media goes into a frenzy. It's plastered all over the news for weeks and weeks. There are television specials and charity events and live coverage of the funeral. We have to watch every waking moment. Americans have a creepy relationship with celebrities. They want to feel like they're part of their lives and even in their death, Americans want to feel connected.

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