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Climate Change and why we need to act now

por Tamer Çekici (2020-12-04)

I am Anıl Uzun, a long-time traveller and a climate warrior. I have been travelling around the world for so many years and the world is ending in front of me. Believe me, I see the difference. Everyday a place in the world becomes inhabitable for many species including humans. If we do not act now, the results of climate change will be irrevocable.

Black carbon, methane, hydrofluorocarbons, and tropospheric ozone are the most powerful climate changers that lead us to global warming. These factors change the air quality, food, and water. That will lead many countries to become insecure in terms of their economies. Climate change is directly related to the public health, agriculture and ecosystems and the overall welfare of the countries.

There are a lot of measures to take and new technologies support the measures to stop climate change but the states and corporates are slow to adopt the so called technologies such as renewable energies. Renewable energies are practical, technically feasible, and cost-effective causing immediate climate benefits and bringing sustainable results.

To stop the climate change, we must act now.

Today, the industries and the consuming habits of the people have negative and irreversible consequences for global warming and the result of the rising sea levels, food insecurity, and diminishing public health.

I’ve made a short research on Wikipedia and have seen that reducing short-lived climate pollutants can rapidly slow the rate of global temperature rise. There are institutions such as The Climate and Clean Air Coalition urging the world to cut methane emissions by at least 40% and black carbon by up to 70% by 2030. By doing this, we can virtually eliminate (99.5%) high-global warming potential hydrofluorocarbons altogether by 2050.

The air pollution causes millions of premature deaths annually, makes millions of people unable to get secure food because there are crop losses.

We must first cut emissions of carbon dioxide. Secondly, ditch the short-lived climate pollutants. The Paris Agreement set a target to slow the rate of global warming at 2°C.


Global warming affects a lot of aspects of our lives. One of the effects is on our health. The warming increases heat aggravated illnesses. In many countries climate change decreases the access to safe water and food and increases vector borne diseases. If we act now, we can slow the rate of warming and lower public health risks. The pollution in air is also one of the causes for premature deaths each year.

When climate change is reversed, the temperature rise will be controlled and the possibility of droughts and floods may be eliminated. , reduce the availability of food. Heat-stress causes poor yields, or worse, crop failures. I have been travelling a lot and have been to countries that rely on wheat, rice, maize and soybeans for their economies. Rising temperatures risk the security of the crops.

Floods and fires annually wipe out around %15 of annual crop production in some regions. and up to 15% in some regions. The impact of the climate change on ecosystems, and agricultural productivity drive people to unemployment. In many countries the household income decreases resulting in the deterioration of public health, increase in poverty and inequality.

We must act now and take sustainable precautions if we want the world to live.