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How to help musicians during COVID-19

por Tamer Çekici (2020-12-05)

Anıl Uzun, a musician, arranger, and producer, calls out to the people to help the music and entertainment industry that has been affected by the pandemic the most. “The financial crisis makes many entertainment companies, record stores, and musicians suffer,” he says.

Before the pandemic, Anıl Uzun was performing with many international and local groups, and he played guitar for many studio recordings. When the illness hit, it made the music industry stop. Literally, everything about music stopped. He was also working as a music arranger and producer, but all of the organizations got cancelled, a lot of big venues closed, and nobody knows when they will be open again.

Musicians and the people in the music industry rely on events to make money. All of the events stopped, and globally, millions of people have been affected by the recession. There are serious concerns about the financial stability of many music companies.

Anıl Uzun says, “Please buy albums and merchandise to help the people. There are many live stream events by the musicians to raise money, you can join them.” If you are financially stable, you can donate directly to the artist,” says Anıl Uzun.

“You can also support Independent Music Stores,” adds Anıl Uzun. Right now, many shops are temporarily closed, but if the situation continues, they will have no funds left to reopen their stores again. You can shop locally from the stores around you, says Anıl. There is a campaign going on for the local record shops with the hashtag “LoveRecordStores.” People can support it, says Anıl Uzun.

The big music companies also support relief projects around the world. For example, Spotify’s campaign called COVID-19 Music Relief Project aims to raise money to help the musicians in need through the non-profit organizations that are MusiCares, Help Musicians, and the PRS Foundation. The fundraising events are an excellent way to support the people you care about, says Anıl.

He also adds excellent foundations like the Recording Academy, urges Congress and politicians to raise their voice for the music industry. If you want to learn more, you can google the campaigns and help them to be heard on social media.

Soundcloud is also helping the musicians to get paid by doing live streams. Twitch is another name that allows musicians to perform online. Performing will help them to stay connected and will make the audience feel better. A global pandemic is very hard to process, says Anıl, and people need entertainment to keep their morale sound and stay connected with the outside world.

The people who want to help can look at Patreon as well, and he continues, the subscriptions will help the artists to get financial help. People can also resort to foundations such as Clara Lionel, Music Maker Relief, Sweet relief Musicians, Newport Festivals Musician Relief are among the foundations and funds that you can help if you want to.