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Women live longer than men in all areas of the planet

por Romelu Lukaku (2019-02-21)

By the age of 21, men die at a rate of 68 per every 32 women. Finally, at age 65, seven 바카라전략men survive about 10 women. Women live longer than men in all areas of the planet, It is seven years longer than men. ?learning Women are superior to men in the performance 온라인카지노of work using the left hemisphere of the brain. This is evident from childhood. For example, a 엠카지노girl is generally better than her boyfriend It has a vocabulary. They begin to speak earlier and 온라인룰렛constantly through life It shows a better language ability than men. Boys are not only slow to learn horses but also have 온라인바카라사이트learning disabilities such as dyslexia and stuttering, There is a tendency to suffer more from 온라인슬롯머신사이트disability. Girls start with a correct pitch earlier than boys, Keep well. Men, on the other hand, are superior to 바카라룰쉽게using the right hemisphere of the brain. Boys begin to move earlier than girls and grow up in룰렛게임 mathematics, science, and space Better than perception. ?sense Studies have shown that women have more바카라그림보는법 sensitive senses than men. In particular, women can more accurately distinguish flavors and smells, Listening better, being extremely sensitive to skin reduction, better vision and more than men Thin shows low color 바카라잘하는방법blindness.