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8 Sources of Inspiration To Write Chaining Texts

"Lemuel Kolb" (2020-02-26)

The emotions of your memories

Imagine, on a winter morning, you are rushing to work and … a girl is slipping in front of you. Unable to stay on her feet, she falls. How do you react?

It is proved that 99% of people imagine the pain of this girl. Maybe you even remember how fate and you "pleased" with such an exciting fall.

When you witness such an event, you put yourself in the place of its "participants". Psychologists call this the phenomenon of mirror neurons.

The same thing happens with good things. Imagine that a man runs up to a fallen girl and helps to get up. At this point, emotionally, you will also experience gratitude on behalf of the girl. And a sense of accomplishment is on behalf of a man.

This is precisely the secret why your own memories provide endless inspiration for writing student service sales texts on your landing pages.

You can show potential customers how they can solve their problems or make their life better. But if you want to reach out to readers on an intuitive level, you must use your emotions.

The easiest option is to use your own story. Think about why you started your business? How has this affected your life? What difficulties awaited you on the way to the goal and how did you overcome them?

Rest assured, visitors will actively respond to the call to action. Just let your texts see their future opportunities and incentive to deal with potential difficulties.

At one of our landings, Oles told his story. He described his emotions and his thoughts. He shared how he came to create his own business. Can this frankness not catch?

Refer to social networks

Good news: VKontakte, Facebook and other social networks can be used not only for communication and viewing pictures with cats. They can also offer ideas for your selling texts.

No, I do not suggest being inspired by cats (although, if they inspire you, why not;)). Everything is much more prosaic. Social networks are the place where your audience gathers. So look at your pages and active pages on your topic:

What do subscribers discuss among themselves?
What are they asking about?
What pains do they share?
What phrases do you use for all this?
All this valuable information is right under your nose while you are watching cats.
Viewed? Then you probably already know what advantages should be emphasized, and what problems to beat, and what questions to answer, and even with what words to do all this.

The magic of the first line
Have you ever had a book in a store addictive from the first lines? And now you go to the checkout, without even reading the annotation? This is what I call magic …

Both in fiction and on the selling page, the first lines mean everything. After all, it is they who fulfill the most important mission – to hook the visitor.

I am sure you have favorite authors. Refer to their works. How do their first lines catch you? What strings does the author touch? Intriguing, crushing pain, draws a vivid picture? You can use all this in your texts!

When you write text, be sure to determine your intentions. Decide whether you want to hurt the "pain point", build an emotional connection, or give practical advice to your reader. Then create the first sentence (hook), which will play the role of a trap for your reader.


If you need inspiration to write text, check out books, television shows, and movies. Surely you can catch everywhere the general structure of 3 parts. Regardless of genre and direction, screenwriters, directors and writers use this structure. Do you know why? Because it works!

The text on your landing page can be represented in the same way:

Start by posing the problem. Describe the potential difficulties of your potential customers. Hit the pain points. But at the same time, show understanding and empathy for their situation.
Creation of interest. This is the most important part. You solved the problem, but what next? And then you need to show the visitor what you offer and what he will receive. Do it convincingly, interestingly and, most importantly, taking into account the pains that you spoke about at the beginning.

Important! Do not be afraid to give out more information about your offer (product, service, product). From the fact that you reveal the essence, a person will not begin to do everything that you offer, himself.

For example, you are an accountant and offer tax burden optimization services. Open on your page step by step what you will do for this. It is unlikely that the client himself wants to deal with this. But you will get much more confidence in yourself than if you simply indicate that you provide such a service. After all, this way a person will see that you really understand what you are talking about!

The end with a climax. That’s it, it’s time to make an offer! And do not forget about the vivid call to action.
And remember: People don’t like incomplete stories. That’s why having looked at your favorite series, you fell asleep late. And having reached the final chapters of the book, they did not close it. Always bring the thought to the end. Give the reader complete and understandable information.

Save headlines … Everywhere
Recently stood in line at the post office. You know, after an hour of standing, I felt like a squeezed lemon. And he began to think about life, about the future, about the color of the walls, the height of the ceiling, about the weather, the brightness of the light bulb, etc.

In general, in between thoughts of beauty and not very ears, conversations of the same standing constantly flew by. And though I did not understand who they were talking about, but when I heard such a "headline" for the story, I took my interest and I listened to the end.

What am I leading to. If it weren’t for art to submit any ordinary information or gossip under an amazing heading, no media would be so popular. The correct heading is the "golden core" for powerful text.

Well, for example. Still not understanding what will be discussed, the visitor notices the word "meat". What? What kind of meat? It seems that he went to the page about Internet business master classes … We need to figure it out.

And man, perforce, is drawn into the text. Cool?:)

Where to get inspiration for catchy headlines? Turn to magazines and newspapers. Well, they even know how to call an ordinary publication what you want to read. Gather ideas, and then come up with a juicy heading for the text on your landing page will not be difficult for you.

Emotional connection
Not sure what to write about? Review your favorite photos, images or videos.

People are addicted to emotions. Therefore, they often buy goods, products or services with which they feel an emotional connection.

It has been tested and proven that the human brain processes images faster than sounds.

For example, your friend bought a puppy. He can describe him on the phone, and you will get a certain share of emotions. But if he throws you a photo, the charge of emotions that you get will be much brighter. After all, how can you not be impressed with a photo of a cool puppy?

Therefore, remember: words can cause emotions, but images achieve this goal faster and more vividly. And if you want potential customers to feel emotionally connected with your proposal, use more visual aids in the form of pictures and videos.

The spirit of competition
No matter how much you stall, never steal the ideas of your competitors. This is a recipe for failure. Instead, you can fill in the gaps that they do not use in their marketing strategies.

Find out which segment of the target audience they are ignoring? What features of their proposal remain incomprehensible? What details do they not explain?

Since you know your niche better than anyone, you have a trump card up your sleeve when it comes to evaluating your competitors. If you can find unused resources, consumers or opportunities, and focusing on them, you will move in a progressive direction.

Look for it with the children
Do you like to spend time with your children, grandchildren, nephews or younger siblings? Did you know that this is not just fun, but also an opportunity to recharge with cool ideas for selling texts?

No, I’m not joking. Products and services for children are a storehouse of inspiration for entrepreneurs. After all, note that children do not have a driver’s license or credit cards, but they make the entire children’s industry move forward without stopping.


Do not worry if any of the options does not work. If you want to create catchy texts for your Landing page, try to find inspiration everywhere. And you will be surprised to find that in fact there are many more sources of inspiration than 8.