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Moment schoolgirl caught thief on camera as he stole lead from roof

por Rodger Broussard (2020-07-08)

This is the moment a brazen thief was filmed by a brave schoolgirl helping himself to lead from a roof.

Rosa Barr, 15, recorded the offender from her bedroom window after he climbed up onto the flat roof of the extension thinking the Bournemouth house was empty.

He spent several minutes removing bags of roofing lead he was preparing to steal.

Rosa called her mother Emma at work who in turn alerted the police.

A brazen thief was filmed by schoolgirl Rosa Barr, 15, removing lead from the roof of her home in Bournemouth 

The thief was also captured by the Barrs video camera on their doorbell during the raid on the property

Mrs Barr, 48, also asked a neighbour to check on the house and when they arrived the thief fled empty handed over the back wall.

Emma Barr, 48, was called by her daughter when she was at work and she then phoned Dorset Police

Now, Mrs Barr has released her daughter's video footage in a bid to catch the offender.

The man has short grey hair and was wearing a black coat and blue jeans at the time.

Mrs Barr, a business owner, said: 'My daughter was home alone.

Rosa spotted him from out her bedroom window and started filming him which was very brave as he was only a few yards away from her.

'She then called me to say there was a man stealing lead on the roof.

'I called a friend and then the police because I was worried about the safety of my daughter.

'The friend drove their car on to our driveway and that must have scared the thief because he legged it over the back wall before the police arrived.

They were there very quickly.

'It is just lucky that he didn't see my daughter. It is horrible to think what could have happened to her. If you cherished this post and you would like to receive much more facts with regards to repairs and certifies more roofs; or kindly go to the web-page. We're all in shock.

The thief is seen at the door of the property, filmed on the smart doorbell 

The thief was filmed by Rosa from a bedroom window at the home in Bournemouth

'Hopefully by putting out this video we can catch him.'

A Dorset Police spokesperson said: 'Officers attended and carried out a search of the area for the offender, assisted by the NPAS helicopter.

'An investigation is ongoing into the incident.

No arrests have been made at this stage.'