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Making Small Homes Feel Big! Interior Design Ideas to Create an Illusion of Space

"Marsha Gipson" (2020-08-19)

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Is your home starved for space? Do the interiors feel all cramped and confined?

Don't worry!

With the right layout, smart storage and a play of colours, you can make your tiny home appear bigger.

We have a bunch of tricks and ideas to make your matchbox sized apartment truly serve a sense of space and airiness!

These practical ideas provide a no compromise solution to your lack of space and allow diverse choices to perfectly style your interiors for a deeper satisfaction of your desires.

Noted below are the inspiring ideas from Interior Architects Designers Bangalore that cam make your cramped up apartment feel spacious and comfy.

  • Always go for lighter tones

Light is an essential element that gives the illusion and vision of space. As bright colours reflect light better, they must be opted so that your interiors seem larger and more voluminous. Try to opt for single colour shades across the entire living room as it extends the field of view and provides a seamless sight which really tricks the mind to create a sense of space.

  • Smart storage to eliminate clutter

Too many items in a living place clutters the environment and makes interiors looked all cramped. Find a balance between necessity and want to keep items like extra chairs, furniture, decorations, etc in storage.

Built-in-storage is also a smart way to derive more space from the interiors. Replace bulky cabinets and oversized cupboards with smart and innovative built-in-units that can perfectly fit into walls, stairways, beds, etc.

With interior designing, less is truly more!

  • Choosing the right sized furniture

An oversized sofa or bulky dining table can cramp up your already limited space of interiors. Further it leaves the living room with very little space and makes roaming around the place an unnecessary challenge.

The key is to find the right sized furniture and interior fitments that offer the perfect function and practicality while catering to your lack of space. Multi-purpose furniture can also be a smart choice to avail as it can serve myriad purposes while taking the space of one!

  • Say no to partitions

Too many partitions and over segregation of the interiors minimizes space. Walls and partitions segregating the kitchen, dining and seating areas must be avoided and an open plan layout as suggested by the best interior design company should be adopted so as to maximize available space for better comfort and deep aesthetics.

  • Allow freshness in interiors

Adding plants in the interior space provides a sense of freshness and airiness. Plants yield a brighter environment and expand the perception of interiors to add depth and brightness to your apartment.

Better light and space with a play of mirrors

Mirrors fit right on the walls and practically take no space. But they create such an illusion which makes your interiors feel extended and expanded. A well thought placement of mirrors on the walls creates continuity and seamlessness.

All these method are effective in offering you a sense of airiness and extended space even from apartments that are cramped. Top 10 interior designers helps style your interiors to serve the best balance of comfort, practicality, aesthetics and style that will please anyone who resides!

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