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What To See In Istanbul In A Short Time

por Tamer Çekici (2020-10-27)

Whether you have a weekend escape or even you just have a few hours between your flights in Istanbul, you will have the chance to meet the Turkish culture where literally east meets west. It is not quite easy to have a complete understanding of the history and recent diversities of this abundant territory however it is always better to start with the basics that will give you an idea about what to seek later on.

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A full day in the old city will take you to the times that both empires, Roman and Ottoman, were ruling the World. Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, The Underground Cistern and the Bazaars are the places to be visited during your day in Sultanahmet Neighborhood.

If you have extensive time in town, it will be better to have a look at the vibrant areas like Taksim or Kadikoy neighborhoods to understand what modern Turkey turned Istanbul into. A boat ride to Kadikoy will provide a different aspect to you to the city, if you prefer to stay on the European Side, you may walk down to the water from Taksim Square and visit Dolmabahce Palace where the authority of Ottoman Empire has lasted.

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