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Is plant biology a good field to get into?

por max kim (2019-09-17)

I applied to some plant biology programs for grad school but I don't think I will get into any of them be because they are quite prestigious and my gre and grades are not amazing.

I'm thinking of getting research experience for a year and applying next year. I'm looking at lab tech jobs for anything biology related.

I originally wanted to do plant science or ecology but a research scientist recently told me that ecology is not a good idea. He says there is very little funding. That got me thinking about which fields are a good idea to get into in biology. 

At first I was very repelled at the idea of working in biomedicine but I'm thinking now that I should keep my options open. 

The fields I'm thinking of right now are mostly:
Plant biology (specifically plant chemistry and natural products research)
Environmental microbiology
Environmental science/atmospheric science
Toxicology/air and water quality
Anything environment related

If I had to work in biomedicine the issues I find interesting are:
Cancer biology
Molecular biology of aging
How nutrition affects epigenetic markers
Neurodegenerative diseases
Genetic diseases/genomic medicine
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My major is biochemistry which is typically more useful for biomedical research. I was also passionate about environmental biology though and plants in particular. However I want to know which field is a good idea or not please and thank you.