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Kevin Smith: I'm Going To Save The Weinstein Company

"Ali Centeno" (2019-01-18)

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Most likely Smith and the powers that be at The Weinstein Company (who desperately need a hit), will recut the film so it gets a more consumer-friendly "R. " But for now, it just received the box-office kiss of death.

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An MPAA spokesperson says The Weinstein Company is appealing this rating, which involves appearing before the Rating Appeals Board to explain why they believe the film was inappropriately rated. It takes a vote by 2/3 of the 14-18 members of the Rating Appeals Board to overturn a rating, valerie kay teaching lesson and the ruling of the Rating Appeals Board is final. According to the MPAA, aubrey sinclair hardx the appeal has been scheduled but has not yet taken place. Only a handful of the more than 900 films the MPAA rates each year are appealed. Personally, we think Smith would have better luck just re-editing the film. If you have any questions concerning where and how to use tiffany sparkz, you can call us at the page. UPDATE: Smith and the Weinsteins are evidently not giving up their film without a fight.

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And they were right: the MPAA just released its latest batch of ratings and gave Zack and Miri Make a Porno an NC-17. Both Smith and star Seth Rogen were afraid the MPAA would slap the raunchy film with an NC-17 rating, all but destroying its chances at the box-office.