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Why An Industrial Building Would Use An Overhead Door In Honolulu HI

"Dorris Bunton" (2018-09-27)

Using a sliding door, whether it goes to the side or to the top or bottom, is advantageous over a swinging door because you do not have to have room for the door to swing. This is particularly helpful when the space you have to fill with a door is exceptionally large. Industrial buildings, that have doors big enough for trucks, trailers, tractors, forklifts, etc., to pass through, have such huge doors that trying to imagine the space and effort it would take to move a swinging door is really mind blowing. So, other doors have been developed over the years that do not have this major deficit. An overhead door in Honolulu HI solves these problems.

An overhead door in Honolulu HI is designed to slide into a designated space overhead where it will be out of the way and, other than with a garage door that is just one solid piece, they do not take a great deal of swing space, if any, as they raise and lower. This is particularly helpful if you have large machines on either, or both sides of the door. For example, if a semi-truck backs up to a loading dock and there are men standing inside ready to unload it, having an overhead door in Honolulu HI that essentially retracts with no need for people to move or stand out of the way or for the truck to drive forward to give the door room to swing is really handy, if not an outright necessity.

Within the warehouse, if a forklift wants to go through a door, having to worry about staying far enough back before they open it might be inconvenient. Also, if people are scurrying about on both sides of the door, if someone on one side opens it and it swings into the workspace of the others, someone might walk into it accidentally. This happened in the past in restaurants a lot, and many a hilarious comedy sketch has been developed with the swinging door hitting another waiter in the face when they were not expecting it. That might be funny to watch, but injuries in the workplace to people or property are never anything to laugh about.

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