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Nelu Gradeanu - an intellectual approach to art

"Santos Miramontes" (2018-10-07)

Nelu Grădeanu's artwork is both engaging and meaningful and conveys the joy that he had in creating the pieces. His intellectual approach made his works seen as a desirable asset and considered a must-have in public and private collections. Owners of his works are The National Museum of Art of Romania, The Romanian Literature Museum in Iasi, Ion Iliescu - former President of Romania, Philippe Etienne - ex-French Ambassador in Romania among other public personalities and high net worth individuals in various countries.
Works by Romanian painters appear rarely at auction outside their native country, but the prices achieved show they have strong appeal wherever they are sold. According to art critics, rather than rendering the details of his subjects, Nelu Grădeanu found his voice in the hues he observed and used his feelings as fodder to render the underlying atmosphere of a scene. His paintings dominate the walls, they are curved yet sharply defined; they seem to stable but tumble at the same time.
Using pure gold in the painting process adds glistening accents that provide an ethereal touch to any work of art. A proof of how gold accentuates color and forms through luminous details are SYMBOLISM SUMMER and ANTIQUITY LOVE, considered the most representative paintings of Nelu Gradeanu appraised at 15.000 - 25.000 EUR, while most of his works range at 1.000 - 3.000 EUR. As demand outstrips supply it is expected that prices will further increase constantly.

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