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Policies of ADV-Care Pharmacy

"Nolan Troy" (2018-10-14)

i. ADV-Care Pharmacy PRIVACY POLICY: the main of gathering the personal information of the customer is just to establish his profile so that fast and effective services can be provided to the customer. ADV-Care Pharmacy is secured that customers information will not be leaked in any sense. The information of the customer shall not be used for any other purpose like advertising or promotion of the company, nor will it be shared with any third parties. Customers can take the advantages of few or all the services provided by ADV-Care Pharmacy by retaining their privacy.

ii. ADV-Care Pharmacy DELIVERY POLCIY: all the deliveries of the medicines and the prescribed drugs are done by Canada Post Express-Post which is a registered delivery service.

iii. ADV-Care Pharmacy COUNSELING POLICY: the pharmacy department of ADV-Care Pharmacy will try to contact the customers by phone for counseling on all OTC products and prescribed medicines. And besides this, if after 2 trials of call if no link is established then an invitation note will be sent to the customer to call the ADV-Care Pharmacy on their toll free contact no. during the business hours. Not only this, the pharmacists of ADV-Care Pharmacy are also available during the business hours to give response and answers to the customers queries and demands. A customer can contact the ADV-Care Pharmacy online by:

For General inquires :
To check the status of order :
To contact the customer service :
To understand the receipt :
To ask the pharmacist :
For marketing and advertising inquiries :

Pharmacy is open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00 (EST). Pharmacists are available for 24 hours on mail and fax services for the online assistance 195 Riviera Dr. Unit #2, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J6. Contact details of ADV-Care Pharmacy: Tel: (416) 410-9222 or (905) 948-1991 and
Fax: (905) 948-0464.

iv. ADV-Care Pharmacy COMPLAINTS HANDLING POLICY: for solving of the complaints of the customers there is a Customer Service Manager. The role of the Customer Service Manager is to forward the complaints to Pharmacy Manager who will solve the complaints and take the measures within 5 days.

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