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Semiconductor Revenue Expands By Record Margin In 2010

"Quentin Autry" (2018-10-31)

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918 kissPercentage growth was higher in 2001 than in 2010, when revenue rose by 36.7 percent. However, revenue increased by $74.5 billion in 2010, accurate documentation increase that shattered former benchmark growth of $59.2 billion in mid 2001.

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Despite ongoing economic turbulence and uncertainty, the semiconductor industry achieved six sequential quarters of growth the actual third quarter of 2010, marking a long period of continuous growth since the year 2004.

Let's first realize what it is that makes a stock price increase. The basic reason is that the investor thinks that the corporation will develop a larger profit and pay a good dividend body that sounds it has became doing. Use in anticipation of better earnings. Really, it reality simple.

The tremendous expansion in DRAM and NAND sales is benefiting the leading memory suppliers, causing quite a few to exceed the increase of the overall semiconductor market in 2010 and beyond.

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