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United States Army

"Myra Ciotti" (2018-11-04)

The Evolution of the United States Army Uniform, honor published by LionHeart FilmWorks and Ancient Wardrobe a few months ago is rapidly going viral with well more than a million views. Thevideo tells the story of this military uniform all the way back into the 17th century once the first organized militias were formed that would later become the United States Army.

LionHeart FilmWorks and its sister company Historical Wardrobe made the movie. According to Kevin R. Hershberger, President and founder of the two companies, it was an ambitious endeavor that no-one has ever tried before in this fashion.

"This video is a combined effort by both teams and companies in our quest and enthusiasm to create historic content using an almost obsessive level of historical accuracy and attention to detail," says Hershberger. "We covered 400 years of history, so that I think that is something to be proud of!"

It gives the viewer a fascinating glimpse of 23 different styles of apparel -- the uniforms, weapons, and accoutrements -- which were worn with the U.S. army soldier as far back as the 1620s. The video is actually the first in a series that LionHeart FilmWorks and Ancient Wardrobe are likely on the subject of historical U.S. military uniforms.

Hershberger feels that the movie may be particularly relevant this month because of Armed Forces Day on May 19th, that observes present members of the U.S. military, and Memorial Day on May 28th, which observes members of the U.S. military who have given their lives in service to this nation.