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The Importance of Christian Salvation

"Sonya Hinson" (2018-11-09)

Every staunch Christian has one goal in life, to see the gates of heaven and be part of eternal life. This is, after all, the promise made by God to us all, not just Christians. He promised us life after death which according to the bible, is a life without suffering, misery or sin. Comparing that life with today’s world, won’t you rather be part of eternal life? Of course Yes! And the way to achieve it is through salvation.
Salvation is freeing yourself from sin by being born again and upholding the Christian teachings. Basically, it is the most important thing and not money, cars, and reputations. This is understood from both the new and old testament. From the Old Testament, sacrifices were made to cleanse people of sin and in the New Testament, Jesus died as the ultimate sacrifice.
Evidently, salvation helps us reconcile with God. Through the blood of His only son, Jesus Christ, we are reunited with Him and according to John 3:16, we save ourselves from death by acquiring eternal life. Truth is, we are all sinners, Romans 3:23, we, therefore, have been given a second chance to life through salvation.
In addition, salvation is important since it helps us break free of the original sin. What this means is that evil was born to the world after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit disobeying God introducing death (Roman 5:12). What followed is that no one is exempted from Adam’s sin as stated in Romans 5:18, everybody dies. For this reason, salvation is the only way to remain assured you are no longer condemned to eternal death just for being Adam’s children.
Entering the life of salvation also brings out the best in us. When we become filled with the Holy Spirit, our actions reflect on what it means to be a saved Christian. We become a light in the world following in Jesus’s footsteps. His death and resurrection helped us walk with Him in spirit through accepting our souls to be filled with the Holy Spirit. In essence, the soul is the one thing we should look to save from hell. It is worth more than anything in the world, Mark 8:36-37.
Moreover, salvation establishes a personal connection with God as well. We know He exists, and He knows us (1 Cor 8:3) but not all know Him personally. The path of salvation, therefore, gives us a platform to gain a deeper knowledge about God and His teachings creating a personal connection. Consequently, we become friends with God through salvation.
In conclusion, Christians need salvation to find their true purpose and is the bridge between us and God. We should stay away from evil to avoid the penalties of sin through salvation.