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"Elbert Rich" (2018-11-28)

Federal Commissioner of Taxation(2) and the earlier decisions in Bharat Batik Limited v. 60,638/-; and after giving credit to the petitioners, in the sum of Rs. He was entitled to remain in the UK. I would accept that the adoption of a particular statutory model is not necessarily critical. This accordingly was a somewhat special case. The trial court dismissed the suit holding that leases were genuine,, but the High Court decreed the suit holding that the leases were sham transactions and made in contravention of s.

HOs9SZc.pngService of the judgment could not affect that situation. Tribunal at Madras, claiming that the charges claimed by the Railway were unreasonable and requesting the Tribunal to fix reasonable charges in exercise of its powers under s. 31 is not amendable within the frame-work of the present NRI Constitution, the only other recourse for making the amendment would, as I have already said, be by revolution and not through, peaceful means, It cannot be reasonably supposed.

But there was no suggestion that civil liability could be imposed other than on those made directly responsible by statute for compliance with the primary obligation. 65A of the Transfer of Property Act. Wilson(5) it was observed : (4), Maqbool Hussain v. The existence, of such facts which is the determinant for the exercise of NRI Legal the power is demonstrable". However, he held that other factors showed an intention to create civil liability, including the clear purpose of providing protection for performers, and the need to comply with this country’s obligations under the relevant international conventions (p 53A).

There was a distinct difference, in terms of its effect on the respondent, between service of the judgment and seeking to have it enforced. K did not file any suit under O. The relevant provision was section 2 of the Dramatic and Musical Performers’ Protection Act 1958, by which "if a person knowingly … makes a cinematograph film … from … a dramatic or musical work without the consent in writing of the performers … he shall be guilty of an offence …" Giving the leading judgment Sir Nicholas Browne-Wilkinson V-C accepted that the form of the provision pointed against civil liability: Lord Brodie (para 12) referred to the decision of the Court of Appeal in Rickless v United Artists Corpn [1988] QB 40, in which it was held that a provision which on its face "did no more than classify a specified act as a criminal offence did indeed create civil liability".

the adverse Orders passed against him in the proceedings under 0. operated as res judicata and he was precluded from alleging that the leases were not binding on him; and (ii) the leases granted by the mortgagor were binding on K. 66, at the rate of 50% on the increment, viz. In appeal to this Court, the appellants contended that (i) as K did not file any suit under Order 21 r. "It follows that where the exercise of power is not conditioned on a mere opinion or satisfaction but on the existence of a set of facts or circumstances that power can be exercised where they exist.

that the Constitution-makers contem- plated that Art. The complaint was contested by the Railway on the grounds (i) that the charges to which the complaint related were in respect of services that the Railway was not under any statutory duty to render to the company and was rendering them under private agreement with the company; His assets in the UK were unaffected by having had the judgment served. 31 or any other article on fundamental rights should be altered by a-violent revolution and not by peaceful change.

But later, K filed NRI a suit against the mortgagor and the lessees for recovery of possession of the lands alleging that the leases were collusive transactions and were otherwise not binding on him. Employees of Bharat Bank Ltd. If, therefore, the petitioners are right in their contention that Art. The authority in such a case is required to exercise the power in the manner and within the limits authorised by the Legislature. I am also of the view that NRI Lawyers the Secretary of State was not, in this case, under any obligation to investigate further the consequences that would accrue to the NRI Lawyers respondent.

The claim petitions were allowed and the executing court found that the leases nrillegalservices were genuine. determine the amount to be deducted from, or added to, as the case may be, in the contribution leviable from a person and provide for the total or partial transfer of any right in an original plot to a reconstituted plot or provide for the extinction of any right in an original plot. "Other than in relation to a duty of confidentiality, this section does not permit or require the provision of information in breach of a prohibition or restriction on the disclosure of information arising by virtue of an enactment or rule of law.

The petitioners were therefore liable to pay a contribution, under s. The State of Bombay(5) and Cooper v. 23,241/-, they were called upon to pay a sum of Rs.