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NRI-LEGAL-SERVICES.png NRI Legal His evidence is that he prepared the draft of the will on the instruction of Sohan Lal and handed over the written document either NRI Lawyers to Gopal nrillegalservices Lal nrillegalservices or to Sohan nrillegalservices Lal. " The contention that article 368 prescribes only the procedure of amendment cannot be accepted. After the objections filed by various private operators were heard by a Special Secretary to the State Government empowered under s. If the procedure of art. 28(2) and appointed a Town Planning Officer under s.

IL 904 (b) Chapter IV of Part V, Chapter V of Part VI, or Chapter 1 of Part XI, or (c) any of the Lists in the Seventh Schedule, or (d) the representation of States in Parliament, or (e) the provisions of this article, the amendment shall also require to be ratified by the Legislatures of not less than one-half of the States by resolutions to that effect passed by those Legislatures before the Bill making provision for such amendment is presented to the President for assent.

34 the Board of Appeal slightly reduced the amount payable by the petitioners. These Declarations wherever found are intended to give a key to social progress by envisaging rights to work, to education and to'social insurance. 32 regarding the value of the land originally owned by the petitioners, the extent of reconstituted land allotted to them, the compensation payable to them, the value of the land allotted to them taking into account the improvements in the Scheme and the net amount payable by the petitioners as their share of the contribution towards the cost of the Scheme.

Besides that Basanti Lal, the scribe of the will, was also produced, though he was not present at the time of the execution of the will. Finally there was the statement of Gopal Lal to prove due execution of the will for he was present when it was executed though he was not an attesting witness. 68-D of the Act, he passed orders on June 8, 1965, modifying the schemes in certain particulars. They are epitomized in the Preamble, and more fully expressed in Parts III and IV of our Constitution.

This was prior to the events giving rise to her need for protection under the sanctuary scheme, which led to its adaptation to provide a high level of security, but the adaptations did not involve using the third bedroom. A has said in a witness statement that when she moved there she only needed a two-bedroom property, but that there was a shortage of two-bedroom properties and she accepted the offer of a three-bedroom property.

The State Government sanctioned the scheme under s. A draft Town Planning Scheme was published thereafter under s. Those are powerful reasons, but they have nothing to do with the number of bedrooms. After considering the objections and suggestions, the draft scheme was forwarded to the State Government under s. On May 11, 1964, the Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation published two schemes for the take-over by the corporation of certain routes under Chapter IV-A of the Motor Vehicles Act 4 of 1939 to the exclusion of the existing private operators on those routes and objections were invited within 30 days.

As a result of the decision, the petitioners were allotted a much smaller extent of land than they originally owned and were directed to pay certain sums as their share of the con- tribution. A and her son live in a three-bedroom house. 23 (1) and the petitioners again submitted the same objections. 368 is followed, the Constitution "shall stand amended" in accordance with the terms of the bill.

It is because the power to amend is given by the article that the Constitution stands amended. This draft was made after the Third Committee of the United Nations had devoted 85 meetings to it. He issued a public notice inviting objections and suggestions from owners of land and the petitioners reiterated their objections. The article not only prescribes the procedure but also gives the power of amendment.

Many other people may have very strong reasons for continuing to live in a larger property than they currently need in terms of size. Some of these were proclaimed during the French Revolution and areincluded in the declarations of Nations taking pride in the dignity and liberty of the Individual. Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without a dissent. The modified and corrected schemes were finally published on June 18, 1966.

'NRI Lawyers NRI Legal services" style="max-width:440px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">161 another attesting witness who also was produced, namely, Chhotey Lal, whose evidence did not suffer from any infirmity. There is no objective need for her to have three bedrooms, one of which is unoccupied, but she is understandably loath to move (even if suitable alternative accommodation could be found and made appropriately secure), because she has lived in her present property for many years, she knows her neighbours well and she feels safe where she is.

Writ petitions were thereafter filed by the appellants challenging the two schemes but were dismissed by the High Court. The Town Planning Officer, thereafter, -aye his decision under s. The Declaration represents the civil, political and religious liberties for which men have struggled through the centuries and those new social and economic rights of the Individual which the Nations are increasingly recognising in their Constitutions. (3) Since the holder of an interim gender recognition certificate must have satisfied the physical and psychological criteria for gender recognition, the imposition of a further condition for obtaining a full certificate which applies to married applicants only constitutes unlawful discrimination.

The petitioners thereupon filed a writ petition in this Court and contended that : (1) the State Legislature was not competent to enact the statute, and (2) the provisions Of the Act, by conferring arbitrary powers on the authorities functioning under the Act and by depriving the petitioners of theirproperty,infringed their fundamental rights under Arts.