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Spotify to stop free users from listening to large new releases ahead associated with IPO: Report

"Merle Whiteman" (2018-12-08)

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People that use Spotify without spending can be blocked from being attentive beats to rap to a few of the hottest brand new music on the platform, according to a brand new report from The Financial Times

The music streaming service is reportedly nearing a new new deal with the particular major music labels. In addition to one part of that will deal would - on a temporary basis - make some associated with the top releases on the platform available just to users who have covered subscriptions.

So typically the next Frank Ocean recording, say, might become available on Spotify - but unless you've paid for the subscription, you'll have to be able to wait a while just before you can actually tune in to it.

These negotiations with labels are essential to Spotify's future plans. The particular Swedish company plans in order to go public, but 1st it needs certainty about the terms on which it uses the major labels' music on its platform.

Spotify has been long resistant to the idea associated with restricting a few of its music to just its paid subscribers. But in line with the FEET, it has received a concession in return : it is going to pay less to be able to the labels in royalty fees on each of your song.