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"Roxanne Krieger" (2018-12-08)

PXadhAr.pngBut then, it would seem very odd indeed and anomalous too to exclude the NRI present case from nrillegalservices the operation of sec- tion 30(2). An interim injuction has been granted by the IIIrd Joint Civil Judge, Thane, on the ground that it is necessary, till the plaintiff establishes his right, to allow him to be in possession. Cooperative Central Bank, Malkapur Ganpat Gangaji Patil v. " In Kartic Chandra Guha v. The appellant was not a party to either of these proceedings.

The purpose of incorporating Transitional Provi- sions in any Act or amendment is to clarify as to when and how the operative parts of the enactments are to take ef- fect. The Transitional Provisions generally are intended to take care of the events during the period of transition. Section 30(2) is the Transitional 343 Provisions. It is, therefore, admissible in evidence. If this contention is true then the first re- spondent is guilty of contempt in not handing over vacant possession as per the undertaking and in fact the second respondent would equally be guilty as abetor of the breach.

District Magistrate, Dhanbad and Others, [1983] 4 SCC 301 it was again held that a detention order would not become invalid merely because the detention order was passed on the detaining authority being apprehen- sive of the likelihood of the detenu's release on bail. Jagarnath Kuari, LR (1932) 59 IA 130; Subramanian v. In any view, the document Exh. 604; Bageshwari Charan Singh v. This order was upheld on the ground "the District 486 Magistrate on information received by him thought NRI Legal services that the petitioner was likely to be released NRI Lawyers on bail in which case having regard to his past activities it was open to the District Magistrate to come to the reasonable conclusion that having regard to the desperate nature of the aCtivities of the petitioner his enlargement on bail would be no deter- rent to his desperate activities.

P-12 is a mere list of properties allotted NRI Lawyers to the shares of the parties. It was laid down that if a manufacturer were to enter into agreements with dealers NRI Legal for wholesale sales of the articles manufactured on certain terms and conditions, it would not follow from that alone that the price for those sales would not be the 'wholesale cash price' for the pur- pose of s. The antecedent history and the past conduct' on which the order of detention would be based would, in such a case, be proximate in point of time and would have a rational connection with the conclusion nrillegalservices drawn by the authority that the detention of the person after his release is necessary.

, [1975] 3 SCC 490 the order of detention stated that having regard to the activities of the detenu, as discussed in the grounds of detention, and having regard to the possi- bility of his being enlarged on bail the detaining authority was satisfied that the detenu should be detained under the Act. The learned Judge was not well-founded in this view. 306 of 1989, the second respondent had prayed for the injuction on the basis that he was a licensee originally from P.

The State of West Bengal and Ors. In the light of the earlier statements made by the first respondent-K. As nothing happened for about three years, the respond- ent filed a writ petition in 1966 and the High Court direct- ed implementation of the order of the Assistant Director Consolidation. [1117B] Narayan Sakharam Patil v. This in effect is the result of the plain meaning rule of interpreting Section 30(2) of the Amending Act 68 of 1984.