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NRI Legal Services India - When to deal with property concerning legal issues in sale of property without coming to India by LexLords - Getting My NRI Legal Services To Work

"Elisha Hilson" (2018-12-08)

HOs9SZc.pngIn the NRI Lawyers State of Mysore v. The objects and reasons were to be taken into consideration in interpreting the provisions of the statute. Refund could be NRI Legal claimed only on despatches of the nrillegalservices goods outside the city, for octrio is leviable only if the goods imported into the city are consumed, used or sold within the city. But the question was whether in such a situation, it can be said that it was done without breaking the bulk. The respondent in that case, M. the legislature as discernible from the object and scheme of the enactment and the language used therein.

Bellary, was a Government servant in one of the departments of the Bombay Government. Eternal vigilance on the part of the authori- ty charged with both law and order and public order is the price which NRI Legal services the democracy in this country extracts from the public officials in order to protect the fundamental free- doms of our citizens. " As is apparent even from the order of the Tribunal the details of the use of paper cores in the manufacture of paper as set out by the appellant on the basis whereof the exemption was claimed by it read as hereunder: The Notification on the basis of which exemption was claimed by the appellant inter alia provides: "the Central Government hereby exempts all excisable goods (hereinafter referred as "the said goods"), on which the duty of excise is leviable and in the manufacture of which any goods fall- ing under Item No.

NRI Lawyers There was a rule, NRI Legal rule 50(b) in the Bombay Civil NRI Legal services Rules which read as follows: Thereupon the respondent therein filed a petition before the High Court of Mysore (Karnataka) under Article 226 of the Constitution of India challenging the order of his posting. Regarding the expression "without breaking bulk", the Division Bench of the High Court was unable to accept the contention that the bulk of the goods on which the octroi has been paid was transferred to containers of small sizes and despatched outside the city, the bulk was broken.

In interpreting a statute, the Court has to ascertain the will and policy of F. The Division Bench was of the view that having regard to the rule and having regard to the fact that it was imported into the city of Bangalore, and was to be despatched outside the city of Bangalore in the same form, i. 471 the facts of the case were these. Bellary, [1964] INSC 95; [1964] 7 S. In that view of the matter, the appeal was al- lowed by the Division Bench and the judgment of the learned Single Judge was reversed.

Therefore, according to the Division Bench, no importance can be attached to the expression "without breaking bulk" on despatches of the goods. The appellants' contention was that the words "shall also be liable to confiscation" used in section 13 of 645 the Act did not mean that it was mandatory to confiscate the vessel as the masters of the vessel had been convicted and sentenced to pay penalty under section 12 of the Act, and as various punishments had been provided for different types of offences, it was left to the discretion of the court to order confiscation of the vessel or to release the vessel.

Viewed in this context, it was apparent that the said Act had been made with the sole purpose of preventing poaching of fishes by foreign vessels chartered by Indian citizens within the exclusive economic zone of India as specified in Rule 8(1)(g) of Maritime Zone of India Rules as amended in 1982 as well as in breach of the provisions of the said Act and the terms and conditions of the permit issued under section 5 of the said Act. 68 of the First Schedule to the Central Excises and Salt Act, 1944 (1 of 1944) have been used, as raw materials or component parts (hereinafter referred as "the inputs"), from so much of the duty of excise leviable thereon as is equivalent to the duty of excise already paid on the inputs.

, without the same having been used or sold or consumed in the production or manufacture other goods, the person concerned can only claim refund in accordance with the rules. If there were cogent materials for thinking that the detenu might be released then these should have been made apparent. Therefore, 'bulk', in the view of the Division Bench, was, in fact, broken and the petitioner not having applied in accordance with rules 24 and 25, no amount could be refunded to the appellant.

HOs9SZc.png" All these cases were again considered in a latest judg- ment of this Court in N. I(53) of 1952-53 dated 5th April, 1954. He was sent on deputation to another department and after serving there for a long period and getting a number of promotions he was reverted back to his parent department and ordered to be posted at a considerably lower grade, while another Government servant who was below his rank had been promoted as Assistant Secretary. Government of Tamil Nadu and Another, [1989] INSC 249; [1989] 4 SCC 418, and it was held that all those decisions of the Court on this aspect have to be read in the light of the Constitution Bench 487 decision in Rameshwar Shaw's case (supra) and that the conclusion about the validity of the detention order in each case was reached having regard to the facts and circum- stances in the particular case.

) 490 @ 495 (para7) A bald statement is merely an ipse dixit of the officer. [650E-G; 651D; 654F] Section 13 of the Act expressly says that besides the conviction and sentence of the masters of the vessels, and charterers, the vessel is liable to be confiscated with fishes therein.


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