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How architecture has changed

"Danelle Cousins" (2018-12-09)

In the earliest buildings, this was done by building a heavy wall, or a line of posts, and laying a flat piece across it. This flat piece is called a beam, or lintel. The beam or lintel is still used in millions of houses and buildings. Here are some of the most important styles of architecture that have been developed in the thousands of years of our Western civilization: egyptian architecture. When a building has a heavy roof, or any floor above the ground floor, a strong structure is needed.

In addition to affordable pricing, when you work with an architect, you're sure to get something creative. When you allow a professional to create a vision for you, you'll begin to realize your home can be all the things you've been dreaming about and more. You don't want your home to look exactly like all the other homes on the block. Instead you want to stand out from the cookie cutter look many homes have today. Plus, you can rest assured that when you work with a pro to meet your home-building needs, you're sure to have a fabulous home that looks like no other.

In 1909, a local merchant organization commissioned Burnham to design a new and modern city. Not purely utilitarian, Chicago boasted buildings designed by some of the most talented architects in the world by Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Henry Hobson Richardson, and Frank Lloyd Wright, each contributing to the citys visions for the future with auditoriums, department store buildings, and the first modern city plan. The growth of skyscrapers revolutionized urban life because with higher buildings larger numbers of people could live and work in limited areas, allowing growth previously unimaginable.

Furthermore, no matter how affordable and creative your specialist is, if he or she cannot give you a structure that's practical for your needs, you won't be able to really enjoy your property. Furthermore, you may have special needs that will require you to have certain entrances and exits that are handicap accessible. Maybe you're someone that wants lots of kids in the future. Or maybe you run a business from home and need dedicated workspace. In the end, when you insist on a practical home, you can rest assured that your expert will be able to combine everything you need into the home you want. Bottom line, your architecture courses professional should take these things into account and make sure your new home is crafted in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

Before glass was invented, buildings looked different because they had no windows. So architects of long ago designed their best buildings in marble or other hard stone, and architects today design their best buildings around steel. The outward appearance of the building changes because different materials are used. There were no steel girders in those days. They were considered very beautiful at the time, but people today consider them ugly because today people like their houses to be plain, and not to be decorated with all sorts of fancy curlicues and ornaments. Houses that were built seventy-five or a hundred years ago are called "Victorian" houses because that was the time when Queen Victoria was reigning in England. Victorian houses were quite fancy. Another reason that styles change is that men's ideas of beauty change. Today, because glass is being made better and stronger every year, new buildings are likely to look almost as though they were solid walls of glass.

The great cathedrals of Europe, built in the Middle Ages (beginning about a thousand years ago), brought in a new style of architecture called Gothic. In Gothic architecture, many arches are used; but these arches rise to a sharp point, while the Roman arches had been shaped in the more regular curve of a circle. Inside and out, the buildings were decorated with fancy carvings that were far different from the plain lines that had made the Greek buildings so beautiful, and colorful mosaicspictures made of bits of colored glass and tilemadeportions of the floors and walls look like- Oriental rugs. Byzantine buildings used the vault and the dome even more than the Romans had, but decorated them in Eastern style. Sophia, in Istanbul, is the best example of this combining of two styles.

" That means the kind of buildings that were built when the Roman Empire was the most powerful nation on earth, about two thousand years ago. We often speak of a particular style of architecture. Styles in architecture have changed much in the course of history. " That means it is the kind of house that Americans built during the time, two hundred years or so ago, when the states were British colonies and not yet the independent United States. Or we speak of "Roman architecture. For instance, we say a certain house is an example of "colonial architecture. There was a time when the best way to make a building strong was to use heavy blocks of hard stone. First, men have learned to do things better.

The first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1884 and the first modern architect and designer of these early towers was Louis Sullivan. The immigrants followed with their own building standards of the countries they had come from but by the 18th century the rule of reason and practical planning took over. The mid-19th century saw stylistic Romantic period revivals of Grecian and Gothic forms. When the first European immigrants entered the new continent, the Native Americans already had their architectural traditions in the forms of tipi, longhouses and pueblos. This was also the period for rapid urbanization and construction of row houses, multifamily tenements, lodgings, and the architectural innovation of the period: the skyscrapers. His most talented student was Frank Lloyd Wright, spawning a generation of followers.