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NRI Legal Services California - Why to deal with property related legalities in encestral property disputes without coming to India by LexLords - A Review Of NRI Legal Services

"Roxanne Krieger" (2018-12-09)

NRI-LEGAL-SERVICES.png670 of 1976 616 whereunder a learned single Judge of the High Court had set NRI aside the conviction of nrillegalservices respondent Prem Chand and acquitted him of the charge under Section 306 I. THEREFORE, in accordance with the said order of the Assistant Collector, Central Excise Division, Ujjain, you are called upon to show cause to the Assistant Collector, Central Excise, Ujjain within 10 days NRI Legal of the receipt of this show cause notice NRI Legal services as to why the short levies of Rs.

but no right to get a case transferred to any other nrillegalservices Bench, can legiti- mately NRI Legal services be claimed merely because the Judges express opinion on the merits of the case on the conclusion of hearing. Sd/-Execut ive Engineer (O [1952] SCR 597, referred to. " There is no dispute that the respondent received the afore- said letter as he sent a reply to the Superintending Engi- neer on April 20, 1974, a copy of which was annexed as Annexure 'J' by the petitioner, to his 366 petition before the High Court.

The facts of the case are in brief as under: The former appeal has been filed by the father of the deceased Veena Rani while the latter appeal has been filed by the State of Punjab. Such a classification for revision of pay satisfies the touchstone of Art. 477 of 1978 by Special Leave and Appeal No. The words 'plus JAV training' clearly qualify the word 'Matric' and relate only to Matriculate JBT Teachers. This in actual practice will mean that if the State Legislature wishes to control or regu- late trade, commerce and intercourse in such a way as to facilitate its free movement, it must yet proceed to make a law under Art.

39 should not be recovered from you, under Section 11-A of the Central Excise and Salt Act, 1944. The result is that the said show cause notice must be struck down in so far as period upto 6th February, 1984 is concerned, and can be regarded as a proper show cause notice only in respect of the subsequent period from 7th February, 1984 onwards. These two appeals by special leave are filed by the Municipal Board, Bareilly, against the judgment of the Allahabad High Court quashing the Ga- zette Notification dated August 27, 1969 amending the octroi schedule of the Bareilly Municipality so as to impose octroi on "mineral oil".

"Category 'B' Group II-Junior School Teachers (including Assistant Mistresses with B. Since the respondent had not obtained any sanctioned leave for his absence his absence from duty was unauthorised. Under Section 11-A of the Central Excise Act, the notice can relate only to a period of six months prior to the issue of NRI Legal services that notice except in cases where it is alleged the short levy or short payment has occurred by reason of fraud, collusion or wilful misrepresentation or suppression of facts or contravention of the provisions of the said Act or rules made by the period concerned, as contemplated in the proviso to sub- Section (1) of Section 11-A.

" A reading of these paragraphs clearly shows that the notice set 846 out as an established fact that the classification lists submitted by the petitioners had been modified by the Assistant Collector, Central Excise, Ujjain and the only matter with respect to which the petitioners were asked to show cause was with regard to the quantification of the amount of the short levy and consequently, the amount which was liable to be recovered from the petitioner No.

PXadhAr.pngBy that letter respondent stated that he was waiting for the decision of his represen- tation made for reconsideration of his transfer from Surat to Ukai and therefore, the question of his remaining on unauthorised leave was misconceived. 14 and would render the action of the State Government in seeking to discriminate between Graduate Teachers with JST/JAV training and Graduate Teachers with or without such training, impermissible as the attempt is to create a class within a class without any rational basis.

That question has to be judged having regard to the nature of the rights alleged to have been infringed in this case, the extent and urgency of the evil sought to be remedied, disproportionate imposition, prevailing conditions at the time, all these facts will have to be taken into considera- tion. This notice, therefore, cannot be regarded as a show cause notice against the modification of the classification lists in respect of the aforesaid period.

(2) Until rules are made under sub-section (1), my rules made by a State Government regulating the grant of (quarry leases, mining leases or other mineral concessions) in re- spect of minor minerals which are in force immediately before the commencement of this Act shall continue in force. We are, therefore, of the view that under the said show cause notice the question of short levy or non-levy of excise duty prior to 6th February, 1984 cannot be gone into by the Collector and the High Court was right in the view which it took.