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"Rogelio Carney" (2018-12-09)

NRI-LEGAL-SERVICES.png`Tamas' depicts NRI the NRI Legal services NRI Hindu-Muslim and Sikh-Muslim tension before the NRI Legal services partition of India and the killings and looting NRI Legal that nrillegalservices took NRI Lawyers place. , [1973] 3 SCR 117, referred to. It is open to the administration to give preference to a class of employees on the basis of educational qualifi- cations, having regard to the nature of duties attached to the post, for the purpose of achieving efficiency in public services. Setalvad has conceded that if a court of competent jurisdiction makes an order in a proceeding before it, and the order is inter- partes, its validity cannot be challenged by invoking the jurisdiction of this Court under Art.

Controverting these arguments, the learned counsel for the respondent submitted that since the police had sent a 'B' report stating that the investigation disclosed that the dispute between the parties was only of a civil nature and that no offence has been made out against the second re- spondent, the Second Additional Chief Metropolitan Magis- trate, ought to have called upon the appellant to find out whether he was challenging the police report and if so, to make a sworn statement and also examine his witnesses and thereafter only the learned Magistrate should have decided whether cognizance should be taken of the offences and process issued to the second respondent.

The learned coun- sel, therefore, argued that since the magistrate had not followed the procedure laid down in Section 200 or Section 202, the second respondent was entitled to seek quashing of the order of the Magistrate and as such the High Court ha:; The respondents have maintained that the petitioner has not served in the appropriate grades for the requisite period and has not possessed the necessary experience and training and consequential assessment of ability which are a precondition for promotion.

In the premises the order dated 21st June, 1973 was quashed by the learned single judge. [432B] Union of India v. Kohli, [1972] INSC 305; [1973] 3 SCC 592 and State of Jammu 197A-D] State of Madhya Pradesh v. The experience gained by them while teaching in different branches of Cardiology should be treated as sufficient to meet the requirements of r. According to the Division Bench of the High Court, the serial inter alia depicts how communal violence was generated by fundamentalists and extremists in both communities, how innocent persons were NRI Lawyers duped into serving the ulterior purpose of fundamentalists, and how extremist ele- 1012 ments infused tension and hatred for their own ends.

applied to defence personnel of the petitioner's category and rank. Nivedita Jain, [1981] INSC 169; [1981] 4 SCC 296 and Union of India [1974] 1 SCC 19, referred to. The Court expressed the hope that the Medical Council of India, the Union Government and the State Governments as also the State Medical Councils would give a second thought to the problem and try to evolve a solution to the problem by which the right of such persons to be considered for promotion to the post of Professor of Cardiology could be kept preserved without allowing any fall in the standards of further education.

5 of the Rules as well as of cl. It is worthy of mention even here that though the suit for eviction filed by the respond- ent was pending on the date the ordinance came to be promul- gated, the appel- 195 lant had no knowledge of the filing of the suit and he came to be served with notice in the suit only after some months after the Ordinance came to be promulgated. In this appeal by special leave arising from a judgment of the High Court of Rajasthan in a second appeal, the question for consideration is whether the appel- lant will not be entitled to claim the benefit of Section 13-A of the Rajasthan Premises (Control of Rent and Evic- tion) Act, 1950 (hereinafter referred to as the Act) as has been held by the High Court.

(2) Since classification on the basis of educational qualification is a valid consideration for discriminating in matters pertaining to promotion to higher post, there is no reason as to why the same principle is not applicable for prescribing scales of pay. (1) no appli- cation under Section 13-A had been made by the appellant in the suit filed by the respondent within a period of 30 days from the date of commencement of the Ordinance and (2) the suit had been filed before the Amending Ordinance No.

"A member of the Service shall be entitled to submit a memorial to the President against any order of the Central Government or the State Government by which he is aggrieved within a period of three years from the date of the passing of such order. The considera- tions which apply to other government servants in the matter of promotion cannot as a matter of course be.