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"Rogelio Carney" (2018-12-09)

87 inviting applications for allotment of accommodation thereto. The statute says that you must imagine a certain state of affairs; it does not say that having done so, you must cause or permit your imagination to boggle when it comes to the inevitable corollaries of that state NRI Legal services of affairs. Baijal against the order acquitting the accused Nos. There can be no doubt that if there be any other material or relevant fact, section 46 does not stand in the way of such material or fact being considered by the Municipal Corporation for the grant or refusal to grant sanction of any development plan.

NRI-LEGAL-SERVICES.png(6) Proposal of the Textile Ministry in the form of Cabinet Notes for the approval of the Cabinet in the matter of promulgation of Ordinance/framing of the NRI Act, and (7) Notes and Memorandum prepared by the Ministry of Textile/Ministry of law at or before framing of the Ordinance/Act and subsequent thereto relating to the acquisition of the textile undertakings. The order of confiscation of the two trawlers was maintained. On the other hand, it was contended that the cess in the present case was a levy in respect of land and could be justified or sustained either under entry 49, 50 or 45 of List II of the 7th Schedule to the Constitu- tion.

Murthy" case, if at all, the Court shall declare the said cess on royalty to be ultra vires prospectively. Section 8 under the heading "Prohibition of fishing in NRI Legal services Maritime zone of India by foreign vessels" expressly prohibits foreign vessels from fishing in maritime zone of India except under and in accordance with a licence or permit granted by Central Government and breach of the same has been made punishable under Section 10 of the said Act.

"(1) There shall not be levied in every pan- chayat development block, a local cess at the rate of 45 naye paise nrillegalservices on every rupee nrillegalservices of land revenue payable to the Government in respect of any land for every Fasli. It was NRI Legal services further submitted that the cess having been realised on the basis of the decision of this Court in "H. Before this Court, it was contended on behalf of the appellant that the levy of cess on royalty in this case was nothing but a tax on royalty and was therefore ultra vires the State legislature.

5, there was no draft revised development plan in existence. First the brother, and then his daughter and wife were done to death with gandassa and kapa blows just outside their house. The criminal appeal filed by Cdr. This exception is a purely fortuitous circumstances; We have mentioned that the landlords had filed Writ Petition No 10346 of 1987 in the Allahabad High Court against the order of the Additional District Magistrate declaring a vacancy in respect of the premises in question by the order dated 6 3 87 and notice dated 9 3.

11 87 The High Court accepted the contentions of the petitioners and allowed the writ petitions The order dated 3 87 and notice dated 9 3 87 were set aside and the Rent Control & Eviction officer Azamgarh was directed not to proceed with the allotment of the cinema building in question under the Act Pandey, who w-as one of the respondents in the above writ petitions, has filed SLP nos 15030-31 of 1987 for leave to appeal from the decision of the Allahabad High Court in these writ petitions The Mehrotras also filed Writ Petition No 12263 of 1987 raising the same pleas and seeking the same relief These writ petitions were heard together and disposed of by a consolidated order of the High Court dated 20.

Their contention was that the cinema building stood excluded from the purview of the Act by virtue of section 2(1)(d) and that, therefore. In the instant case, however, at the time the Municipal Commissioner rejected the plan submitted by the respondent No. Venkatachalam v Bombay Dyeing and manufacturing Co. Act and the sentence of vigorous imprisonment was modified. The criminal appeal filed by the masters of the trawlers was dismissed with the modification that the conviction 643 made under section 12(b) was altered to one under section 12(a) of the M.

(ii) They are both Stenographers Grade-I belonging to Group 'B' of the Service except that the Secretariat Stenographers are gazetted, whereas the petitioners are not. the question of declaring a vacancy or allotting it to any person did not arise. 1 and 2 along with two other accused were convicted for the murder of the first Appellant's paternal uncle, his wife and daughter. " This line of approach has been adopted by this Court in a number of cases and we may refer only to some of them.

3 and 4 above said was allowed by the High Court and they were convicted and sentenced to pay fines etc. 1005 In course of the hearing, we NRI Legal directed the petitioner to place on record for the consideration of the Court and the respondents a draft guideline which could be prescribed to ease the situation keeping the professional ethics in view. In the unreported decision of the High Court, the relevant fact that was taken into consideration was the draft revised development plan, even though the plan was NRI Legal services not published.