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"Rogelio Carney" (2018-12-09)

observed ( at 665-666): So far NRI as the NRI Legal case of driver Raju is concerned, it must be NRI Legal nrillegalservices pointed out that the management cancelled the offer of July 4, 1986 by the letter of July 25, 1986 because of his NRI conviction under Sections 87 and 113 of the Motor Vehicles Act and his so-called outrageous behaviour with the NRI dealing assistant on NRI Legal services July 22, 1986. Nalleyam Perumal Pillai [1985] 2 SCC 683 and G. Learned counsel however, conceded th at there are decisions in Mohanmurari v.

HOs9SZc.pngThe High Court dismissed the petition and this special leave petition is against the High Court's order. , AIR 1928 PC 202; Effuah Amiss ah v. Jagada m- bal[1953] INSC 16; , AIR 1953 SC 201 and Uzagar Singh v. , [1973] INSC 238; [1974] 1 SCC 424; V. 976 Raj Brij Raj Krishna M/s. To hold an enquiry against him at this late stage is not desirable. Yesodai Ammal, [1979] INSC 155; [1979] 4 SCC 214; Gian Devi Anand v. , [1976] INSC 328; [1977] 1 SCC 500 not applicable.

The Controller, holding that the claim of the landlord was not bona fide, decided the said issue against him. Gurmit Singh, AIR 1988 SC 839 Although on the basis of the se decisions what was contended was that the provisions of t he Act have to be interpreted broadly. Court to consid er whether that ground alone would have weighed with the a u- thority dismissing the public servant. The appellant Board contended that Rule 131 was superseded by the 1963 rules which now governed the imposition of octroi by the appellant Board.

On appeal the Appellate Authority held that the shops and chobaras were in good condition and that the landlord was not, in good faith, wanting to replace the building, when he had no means to build it. that the houses needed reconstruction or that they had means to reconstruct them. Learned counsel al so placed reliance on the decision in Vathsala v. It will be th en left to Government to decide whether, on the basis of the se charges, the punishment of dismissal should be maintain ed 'or else whether a lesser punishment would suffice.

Therefore, in the absence of scientific test of all the substances found in each of the packets, no safe conclusion can be arrived that the entire substances seized under various packets were all prohibited drugs; PW-7 sent only three samples from the alleged seized substances--that too in small quantity instead of sending sufficient repre- sentative quantity from each of the packets seized for assay.

"That the findings in respect of charges l(a) and l(e) 29 should be set aside as being opposed to the rules of natur al justice, but the findings in respect of charges l(c) a nd l(d) and charge 2 need not be disturbed. The single Judge of the High Court who heard the petition came to the conclusion that Rule 131 restricted the power of the Board to impose the octroi and the subject-matter of the rule was not covered by the 1963 rules.

Receiver of t he Estate of Choudhry & Ors.