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"Rogelio Carney" (2018-12-09)

PXadhAr.pngWhat the buyer buys is a finished product which is a work of art. Collector, Darbhanga, ILR 34 Pat. The learned counsel for the petitioners argued that if two years period of delay set out in Vaitheeswaran does not present favourably, we may fix any other period but we should not disturb the basis of the decision. LXIII of 1948) (where the plant of such factory is leased out along with the building); or (d) any building used or intended to be used for any other industrial purpose (that is to say, for the purpose of manufacture, preservation or processing of 688 any goods) or as a cinema or theatre, where the plant and apparatus installed for such purpose in the building is leased out along with the building: (a) any building of which the Government or a local authority or a public sector Corporation is the landlord; or (b) any building belonging to or vested in a recognised educational institution, the whole of the income from which NRI Lawyers is utilised for the purposes of such institution; or (c) any building nrillegalservices used or intended to be used as a factory within the meaning of the Factories NRI Legal Act, 1948 (Act No.

We request the Ministry of Environment of the Government of India to give a serious consideration to the above suggestion. The building as it stood then had six floors. The printer does not create the article or the poem, but merely renders his services to print which is in the nature of a job-work. State of Bihar, [1960] 2 SCR 609; Ranjit Thakur v. Of the States and of the Union Territories may consider the desirability of organising 'Keep the city clean' week (Nagar Nirrnalikarana Saptaha), 'Keep the town clean week (Pura Nirmalikarana saptaha) and 'Keep the village clean week (Grama Nirmalikarna Saptaha) in every city, town and village throughout India at least once a year.

He invited our attention to a number of authorities where courts have awarded life imprisonment on the ground of delay in disposal of cases. The State of Andhra Pradesh, [1959] INSC 104; [1960] 1 SCR 580; Mineral Development Ltd. 667; Gallapalli Nageswara Rao v. It would never have been in his mind to pay separately for the materials and for the labour. During that week all the citizens including the members nrillegalservices of the executive, members of Parliament and the State Legislatures, members of the judiciary may be requested to co-operate with the local authorities and to take part in the celebrations by rendering free personal service.

The Messey Docks and Harbour Board, [1894] 2 Q. In such a case, there is no sale of the article or book by the printer; nor would it be possible in such a case to spell out an agreement for the sale of materials such as paper or ink, which may have been incidentally used in the production of the printed work. This would surely create a national awareness of the problems faced by the people by the appalling all-round deterioration of the environment which we are witnessing today.

Camborne Justices Ex parte Pearce, [1954] 2 All. Where a person buys a "Picasso" or a "Ravi Varma", he does not intend to buy or pay for the canvas or the paint, although canvas and paint are involved in the production of 313 the painting, and title to such materials is transferred to him. He further observed that it has been the practice in the City Corporation not to insist upon a com- mencement certificate from the planning authority for the purpose of development and held that the absence of such a certificate in the instant case did not violate the grant of licence.

The Commissioner in his order dated August 17, 1987 found that the appellant had not been NRI guilty of any mis- representation in his endeavour to obtain the permission of the authorities. The organisation of the week should be entrusted to the Nagar Mahapalikas, Municipal Corporations, Town Municipalities, Village Panchayats or such other local authorities having jurisdiction over the area in question. 173; NRI Lawyers Ekersley and Ors. If the-authorities decide to organise such a week it may not be celebrated in the same week throughout India but may he staggered depending upon the convenience of the particular city, town 555 or village.

within thirty days failing which he threatened to demolish the three upper floors of the build- ing at the cost of the appellant. In order to rouse amongst the people the consciousness of cleanliness of environment the Government of India and the Governments 1. On the other hand, when a person gets his manuscript print- ed as an article or a book of verses, the printer does no more than a mechanical or technical job. During that week the entire city, town or village should be kept as far as possible clean, tidy and free from pollution of land, water and air.

"Only in respect of those goods to which title has passed as a result of contract, can it be said that the goods have been sold. But such transfer of title to the materials is not pursuant to any agree- ment for the sale of the materials as such. However, he took measurements of the building and by his order dated November 3, 1987 directed the appellant to reduce the height of the building to 35'0" having a total area of 30415 sq. The manuscript as such is the result of the skill, industry and scholarship of the author.