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"Elisha Hilson" (2018-12-09)

These words of the provision specify the jurisdictional facts which alone permit creation of a tenancy for limited period. The enquiry contemplated at the stage of grant of permission by the Controller under this provision requires the Controller to be satisfied that the landlord does not require NRI Legal services such premises for a limited period only; The remaining provision provides the machinery for doing so by an agreement in writing be- tween the landlord and the tenant on the basis of which permission of the Controller is obtained.

PXadhAr.pngIn the representation to the Detain- 804 ing Authority, the appellant stated that he had no concern whatsoever as regards the residential premises situated at Purana Laxman Mandir, opp. ) Section 30(2) provides that amended provisions of Sec- tion 23(2) shall apply, and shall be deemed to have applied, also to, and in relation to, any award made by the collector or Court between 30 April 1982 and NRI Lawyers 24 September 1984, or to an appellate order therefrom passed by the High Court or Supreme Court.

Particularly in 1968, 1969 one to the Detaining Authority, 2nd respondent and another to the Central Government, the Ist respondent. The appellant NRI Legal services also made a representation before the Advisory Board on 27th April, NRI Legal 1987. It had also been stated therein that the relevant documents on the basis of which the detaining authority came to the subjective satisfaction were NRI Lawyers not supplied to him and unless the said documents are given to him it will not be possible for him to make any effective representation against the grounds of detention.

Sayed Mohideen had two sons Sayed Ismail Sahib and Sayed Gulam Dastagir Sahib. Section 21 permits NRI the creation of a tenancy for limited NRI Lawyers period "Where the landlord does not require the whole or any part of premises for a particular period"; and it is to be let for 'residence'. The examination was required to be conducted every year, and the officials have to pass within the stipulated period. "Stat- utes should be construed, not as theorems of Euclid, but with some imagination of the purposes which lie behind them.

Perhaps it was thought that awards made after the commencement of the Amending Act 68 of 1984 would be taken care of by the amended Section 23(2). The case like the present one seems -to have escaped attention by innocent lack of due care in the drafting. Ram Kumar, Bharatpur where the search was conducted and on such search US $ and primary gold were recovered, as the said premises does not belong to him but belongs to his sister-in-law. , was equally emphatic when he said.

In section 12 it is said that the marriage be annulled by a decree of nullity whereas in Section 13, t he phraseology used is "dissolved by decree of divorce" but in substance the meaning of the two may be different under t he circumstances and on the facts of each case but the leg al meaning or the effect is that by intervention of the cou rt the relationship between two spouses has been severed eith er in accordance with the provisions of Section 12 or in a c- cordance with the provisions of Section 13.

Probably it is because of this reason that the phrase 'decree of nullit y' and 'decree of divorce' have not been defined. The Government for some reason or the other could not hold the examinations every year. The State Government prescribed departmental examinations as a condition precedent for promotion to the cadre of Superintendents. In the second representation to the Secretary, Government of India dated 6th April, 1987 also the appellant while reiterating the same facts stated that even the house from where the alleged recovery of foreign currency and gold was made is not his residential premises but is the residence of his sister-in-law.

HOs9SZc.pngThe purpose of these provisions seems to be that the awards made in that interregnum must get higher solatium in as much as to awards made subsequent to 24 September 1984. The case of the plain- tiffs as set up in the plaint was that the Dargah in ques- tion was being managed by the members of the family of one Sayed Mohideen Sahib. 116 of 1909 the right of management was divided between the two sons each taking six months for himself. The appellant's residential premises is situated in Dahiwali Gali, Karola Market, Naya Laxman Mandir, Bharatpur.

Zainulabdeen and Yasin Bi filed a suit for decla- ration that they were entitled to be in enjoyment and pos- session of Saint Syed Moosa Shah Khadiri Dargah in Madras for a period of 27 days in all in the months of February, March, June, July, October & November and to restrain the defendants from interfering with the plaintiffs aforesaid right and management in the Dargah.