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"Roxanne Krieger" (2018-12-09)

was called upon to consider whether a decree passed without jurisdiction operates res judicata. The Government instead of promoting such persons in their turn made them to wait till they passed the examination. They are NRI Lawyers the persons falling into the category of "Late Passing". We have no doubt that the State will abide by it. Objection was raised that the earlier nrillegalservices rejection operated as res NRI Lawyers judicata. 822, this Court held that the High Court erroneously refused to consider whether the impugned notice in that case fell under Rule 10-A.

NRI-LEGAL-SERVICES.pngIn the instant case, the respondents have reserved 64 seats out of 150 seats for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward classes etc. 2 lakhs in each case of total permanent disability; (c) Rs. The Civil Court rejected the prayer holding that the Bombay Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act, 1947 does not apply to the open land let out for construction. " (Emphasis supplied) Half of these amounts were awarded as interim compensation.

It was further observed that both the Rules as they stood at the relevant time dealt with collec- tion and not with assessment and what was said in N. It cannot be exalted to the status of a legislative direction between the parties so as to determine the question relating to the interpreta- tion of enactment affecting the jurisdiction of a Court finally between them, even though no question of fact or mixed question of law and fact relating to the right in dispute between the parties has been determined thereby.

It was observed that Rules 10 and 10-A seemed to be so widely worded as to cover any inadvertance, error etc. If the examination is not held in any year, the person who has not exhausted all the permissible chances has a right to have his case considered for promotion even if he has completed 9 years' service. 2 lakhs in each case of death: (b) Rs. In that context, in negating the contention, this Court held that the doctrine of res judica- ta belongs to the domain of procedure.

Jeejeebhey[1970] INSC 44; , [1970] 3 SCR 830 the Bench consisting of Shah, CJ. Section 14 of the Act provides that when the arbitrators or umpire have made their award, they shall sign it and shall give notice in writing to the parties of the making and signing thereof and of the amount of fees and charges payable in respect of the arbitration and award. The facts therein were that the respondent leased out the land for construction of a building to the appel- lant, which was duly constructed.

1 lakh in each case of permanent partial disa- blement and (d) Rs. In the result, the impugned judgment of the High Court is set aside, and the appeals are allowed, but without any orders as to costs. It was in this view that counsel for both the parties frankly conceded that if this falls within the exception to the definition of 'land' provided in Section 2F the further question about the land being agricultural or not is of no consequence. , [1972] INSC 168; [1973] 1 S.

The tenant applied for fixation of the standard rent. Relying upon that judgment, an application was again filed for fixation of the standard rent of the 159 premises. ; whereas Rule 10-A would appear to cover any deficiency in duty if the duty had, for any reason, been short-levied, except that it would be outside the purview of Rule 10-A if its collection was expressly provided by any Rule. , Hegde and Grover, JJ.

50,000 in each case of temporary partial disablement. To remove the hardship caused to them the Government wisely restored their legiti- mate seniority in the promotional cadre. But later the High Court reversed that view in another decision and held that the Act applied to the open land leased out. There is, in our opinion, nothing improper or illegal in this action and indeed, it is in harmony with the object of the 1962 Rules. state a special case for the opinion of the court on any question of law involved, or state the award, wholly or in part, in the form of a special case of such question for the opinion of the court; make the award conditional or in the alternative; correct in an award any clerical mistake or error arising from any accidental slip or omission; and administer to any party to the arbitration such interrogato- ries as may, in the opinion of the arbitrators or umpire, be necessary.

A decision of a competent Court on a matter in issue may be res judicata in other proceedings between the same parties. "Bearing in mind, the above factors, in the opinion of this Court, it would not be unrea- sonable to assume that if the suit proceeded to trial the plaintiff-Union of India would obtain judgment in respect of the claims relating to deaths and personal injuries at least in the following amounts: (a) Rs. Learned counsel for the appellant states that the State in these appeals was interested in the law being laid down, and that even if the validity of the NRI Legal services Noti- fication is upheld it will not revive the proceedings against the respondent to realise the penalty.

The admission to the remaining 43 seats will be open to the general candidates NRI Legal services on merit basis. Out of the remaining 86 seats, reservation of seats for regular or bona fide employees for admission to evening classes should, in no event, exceed the limit of 50 per cent. 452 In Assistant NRI Legal services Collector v.