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Delete Porn - Porn Remover With SkinScan Algorithm

"Maria Lawless" (2018-12-11)

Most internet users are unaware of the presence of porn on their computers. These porn files may have arrived accidentally, though received emails or surfing the internet. There are cases in which such files are added without the user's knowledge by Spyware or Adware. Such files may result in employees losing their jobs and even worse if young children are exposed to such pornographic images at home. In order to ensure complete porn removal, an advance software with Skin Scan algorithm is required.

Removing porn files is a complex process that goes beyond deleting files names that contain objectionable content. In addition to erasing files containing pornography in their name, it is imperative to delete porn in the following categories: images, videos, browsing history, temporary internet files and disguised files.

In addition to deleting porn browsing history and temporary internet files, an effective porn deletion software requires a Skin Scan algorithm that can perform skin tone analysis on images. This enables the software to detect skin color in images. By opening an image and calculating the amount of skin and curvature, the software has the ability to decide whether or not an image is pornography.

This same algorithm is used to detect 3D Porn Videos Sex Panther videos. Multiple frames are scanned as images and the results are averaged to determine if a video is pornography. The first few frames are ignored as they may contain titles. Furthermore, disguised files are an area often ignored that need to be scanned and porn files detected. Disguised files are those placed in hidden directories, zip files or had their name or extension changed.

Delete porn off your PC and protect your job and family. Ensure that your computer is clean and free of objectionable content.